CPPJ approves new zoning classification for RV parks

By John Guidroz / American Press jguidroz@americanpress.com

Calcasieu Parish police jurors on Thursday approved a new zoning classification that creates development standards for new recreational vehicle parks built in the parish.

The R-RVP classification calls for standards like having only one RV or manufactured home per space; at least 10 feet between units; required site plans; fenced-in areas for dumpsters; and complying with other applicable codes like fire or sanitary codes.

The new classification is different from the existing RMHP, or manufactured home park, classification. Any RV park or manufactured home park that has an approved plan on file with the parish’s planning and development office is grandfathered in with the existing classification.

Jennifer Wallace, assistant planning director, told the panel Jan. 9 that the parish needed a new set of standards because the Police Jury approved requests for 304 RV spaces and nine RV parks last year, largely because of the industrial development projects announced for Southwest Louisiana. The Police Jury approved four RV parks in the four years before that.

She said the new classification creates standards “where everybody is on the same playing field.” RV parks built in urban areas will require a minimum lot size of one acre and a buffer area of 10 feet from each property line for any structure, including offices. Parks built outside urban areas must have a minimum lot size of two acres and a buffer area of 20 feet from each property line.

Wallace said the Police Jury’s planning and zoning liaison group came up with a checklist of standards in June, and that planning officials visited communities around Louisiana and other states to create a list of potential standards for the RV parks.