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Phillips 66 conducts hydo test, harmless florescent-green dye may be visible

Last Modified: Saturday, November 09, 2013 9:04 PM

By Frank DiCesare / American Press

Phillips 66 will be conducting a hydro test on one of its storage tanks this afternoon to see if any leaks are detected.

The test uses a florescent-green dye that may be visible in the ditches along Old Spanish Trail in Westlake. Carol Collins, director of public relations for Phillips 66, said the dye is non-hazardous and biodegradable and not harmful to the community or environment. Residents should not be concerned if they see it.

“The last time we did this was some months and the dye was quite visible,” she said. “There are times when the public won’t see it at all because of where it drains. This one I am not sure. They may see something along Old Spanish Trail. If they do, I don’t want people to get into a panic because it can be a pretty bright color.”

During a hydro test, refinery officials drain all of the crude oil from the tank and store it on site. Once the tank has been emptied, it is filled with water after which the dye is added. The water is then discharged from the tank into the Faubacher Ditch. If the tank has a leak, the green dye will seep out and refinery officials will know where repairs need to be made.

“We’re only testing one of our storage tanks,” Collins said. “The whole idea is that you don’t want to have one of your tanks leaking. Every so often they do test the tanks to make sure they are not leaking in any way.”

Collins could not confirm which tank at Phillips 66’s refinery was being tested.

The state’s Department of Environmental Quality approves and permits hydo tests, Collin said. She added that stakeholders and all appropriate agencies have been notified of today’s test.

The green color in the water should diminish within a few days, she said.

Posted By: Gary On: 11/9/2013

Title: Dye harmless, yes. Green test water??

So the dye is harmless, great. What about the residue and water from a previously chemical filled storage tank that is green and in the public ditches? Great barrier plan Phillips 66. How about keep the tainted test water with the harmless green dye on your property?

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