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51 indicted on charges related to Operation 27

Last Modified: Friday, June 27, 2014 2:45 PM

By Johnathan Manning / American Press

Fifty-one people were indicted Thursday on cocaine distribution charges related to Operation 27.

Authorities had previously announced 39 arrests netted by the drug sting, but a grand jury in state district court on Thursday returned true bills against 51 defendants.

Norvell Harris, for whom the operation was named, faces the most charges. He was indicted on 188 counts, 159 of those are conspiracy to distribute cocaine. There were also 13 counts of conspiracy to manufacture cocaine and possession of a weapon (a Ruger SR9C handgun) by a convicted felon. The charges are related to numerous incidents in February, March and April, according to the indictment.

Operation 27 was so named because Harris was arrested for the 27th time.

Harris, on whom the District Attorney’s Office also has five other open cases, is accused of being the most prolific street-level cocaine dealer in the area, and Hayward Lecompte, his alleged supplier, is accused of being the largest cocaine distributor in the area.

Lecompte was indicted on 25 charges, 14 of those conspiracy to distribute cocaine. He was arrested on 21 drug counts.

Judge Sharon Wilson lowered Lecompte’s bond from $4.4 million to $296,000 on June 19. On Thursday, after charges were added and others modified, Judge David Ritchie added $350,000 bond on a charge of conspiracy to possess over 400 grams of cocaine, $100,000 each on two cocaine distribution charges, and $100,000 on a charge of conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

While all were indicted on cocaine distribution charges — authorities said both powder cocaine and crack were being distributed — some were also charged with possession or distribution of other drugs, including marijuana, synthetic marijuana, promethazine, hydrocodone, alprazolam and testosterone.

Those indicted: Ranferi Nunez-Sanchez, 32; Luis Arnoldo Rodriguez, 46; Omar Sanchez Ortuno, 21; Venancio Ortuno, 29; Hayward Gerade Lecompte, 39; Norvell Keith Harris, 36; Herbert Allen Slydell III, 45; David Lee Moss Jr., 24; Alfred Lee Garrick, 25; Krisjuana Bellow, 21; Holley Elizabeth Okey Harris, 34; Kenny Ray Guy, 31; Tyrone Christopher Thomas, 39; Jerry James Vallier, 51; Spencer Vito, 41; Jonathan Bryan Mayo, 28; Jahmal Gray, 40; Eric Dwayne Malbrough, 39; Chad E. Gladney, 40; Clifton Colon Charles, 36; Charles Duane Duhon, 19; Gregory Thomas Eddie, 46; Jeremy Jermaine Augustine, 28; Nathaniel Joseph Conner, 24; Leo Joseph Miller, 28; Lacreasia Shontel Payne, 30; William Edward Plaster, 34; Joseph Tobias Bellard, 35; Jarvis Terrell Anderson, 38; Rodrick Dale Antoine, 32; Nathaniel James Rankins, 28; Rawlyn James Antoine, 37; William Joseph Devillier, 35; Marcus Dawaine Rankins, 35; Jamar Keith Thomas, 36; Jessie Ray Bushnell, 33; Christopher James Chatman, 32; Dameon Duhon, 37; Matthew J. McPherson, 25; Germain Marquis Jenkins, 37; Nathaniel Paul Francisco, 30; Rico Edwards, 43; Demond Lynn Delahoussaye, 35; Calvin Ray Batchin, 34; Matthew E. Mitchell Jr., 37; Janette Bellow Ecter, 44; Elizabeth Mary Harris, 51; Joshua Michael Ward, 36; Paul Kendrick Guillot, 34; Sharella Marie Hale, 41; and Lacreasia Shontel Payne, 30.

Posted By: fed up On: 7/6/2014

Title: Fed up

The lake charles police department and the Mayberry. Sherrif department is nothing more than a joke. I am in lake charles once a month from texas and lets just say that our black community is as much to blame as the judges that make deals in casinos or bars that would allow these insurgents to go free. Law enforcement is a joke in lc. Call dea

Posted By: D Neek On: 7/2/2014

Title: Operation 27 druglord being arrested 27 times

This just goes to show the corruption in our towns judicial and Law Enforcement system which brings me back to a previous topic,I tilt my hat to ?the officer who pulled over judge Minaldi because these are the type of people we need in these positions which emphasizes the importance of the people we vote into office, people who are true to who they are and what they do !

Posted By: kbayes On: 7/2/2014


Ok now that they are busted we all know your going to set them free. Drug people have more money then the popo. So why do you borther. Tax's payers see where are money's going. No where. See you again in five years when you try to full us agian

Posted By: Gerald Cuvillier On: 6/28/2014

Title: Mr.

It would seem to me that after twenty-seven arrest, at least some of these would have resulted in convictions, so this perpetrator should not have been walking the streets. It does not speak well of the judges and their sentencing guide lines.

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