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Monday, May 29, 2017
Southwest Louisiana ,
Authorities responded to a Sunday night incident at the Shell More 4 Le$$ gas station at 1407 Broad St. (Rick Hickman / Special to the American Press)

Authorities responded to a Sunday night incident at the Shell More 4 Le$$ gas station at 1407 Broad St. (Rick Hickman / Special to the American Press)

Multiple arrests made in connection with incident at Broad Street gas station

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By Johnathan Manning / American Press

A store manager, a clerk and a suspected shoplifter have been charged with attempted second-degree murder following a fight at a Broad Street convenience store Sunday night, city police said.

Amirik Thind, the manager, and Dilrajpal Singh chased Matthew Taylor Simien into the parking lot after he shoplifted from the More-4-Less at 1407 Broad St., Deputy Chief Mark Kraus said Monday in a news release.

Thind, 39, and Singh, 24, confronted Simien and Quincy Paul Landry, both 19, resulting in a fight that left Landry beaten unconscious, Thind shot and cut with a machete and Singh cut with a machete.

Kraus said Landry pointed a gun at Thind and Singh, both of 13 Mulberry Road, Sulphur, as they were hitting Simien with their fists. Singh then picked up a “large wooden stick” and struck Landry in the head, knocking him unconscious, Kraus said.

“Simien struck Singh and Thind with a machete while Thind (continued to use) the wooden stick to strike the unconscious and defenseless Landry,” Kraus said. “Simien then picked up Landry’s gun and shot Thind.”

Simien, 2645 Opelousas St., brought the machete with him to the store, Kraus said.

Landry, who is in ICU at a local hospital, is thought to have been part of the theft but has not been charged, Kraus said.

Simien has also been charged with shoplifting. Judge Michael Canaday set his bond at $451,000.

Canaday set the bind for Thind and Singh at $300,000 each.

Posted By: onzeletta fisher On: 11/25/2013

Title: Store Owners not Innocent

They stole from innocent people that visited their store by overcharging them. One bottle of vitamin water was $1.59 cents, they charged you $1.89 cents and it was on the cooler for $1.59 cents, you confront them and they take down the price tag the next time you go back and it wasn't just the vitamin water, it was on everything. They wanted to kill somebody from stealing from them, but it's alright for them to steal from their patrons, YEA!! RIGHT!!!! You reap what you sow!!!!!

Posted By: PQW On: 11/25/2013

Title: Yeah, thats it!

"In such and incident your instruction not to follow trouble in any situation once it has left you prescences !"
I am sure that is exactly what you would do if you walked upon someone stealing your property.You would simply, walk away. OK I don't think a grand jury will accept the charges against the store owners. Too bad Trevon did not take your advice.

I am sure that is exactly what you would do if you walked upon someone stealing your property.You would simply, walk away. OK I don't think a grand jury will accept the charges against the store owners. Too bad Trevon did not take your advice." />

Posted By: KARMA On: 11/21/2013


I agree with 99% of the comments ,I have been in this store several times and the owners are very nice people ,They were protecting their property even if it was a bag of chips or whatever they went to the store to start this mess now you want to say the store owners are in the wrong .Where I work they steal everything from Easter to the Christmas Trees so I think they got what they deserve And this has nothing to do with Trayvon Martin to the person that posted that What it has to do with is stealing I think they hands should be cut off And that way they could not put them on anything else that does not belong to them Thats why we pay so much now is because of theives

Posted By: Isabella On: 11/20/2013

Title: Protecting yourself

I am really amazed that the police caught singh and thind for just using their defenses if singh would not have did that they would probably got killed by now and I'm glad that they did that because all they did was protect their property and there is no shame of doing that. I can't believe that they are not doing anything to the dude who helped beat them and u wonder what's wrong with this contry lake Charles police I think that u should let go of singh and thind all they did was protect their property I bet u would have did the same thing

Posted By: Beant Singh On: 11/20/2013


That is not the fault of that shop lifters. We the whole society is responsible for this kind of incident. It is happening with us, the store owners. the crime starts from candy stealing. Then these criminals use guns to rob and break ins. We, the society, when see these people stealing, never stop them. So better not to blame we have to be active to stop crime. The police is a joke in Louisiana, I have never seen anyone for shoplifting punished. There are lot of loopholes, they escape all the time. Everyone have the right to protect their properties, may be this way was wrong, according to law, but if someone steal from you, what you will do? As a part of the Society, we have to stop the crime, if a baby steal a candy, a pen, book or something else from someone, we have to take the kid back to the actual owner of the item and tell him to apologize. So that next time kids have to learn.

Posted By: LaNa'ysia On: 11/20/2013


I've never witness more ignorant comments and quite frankly I'm appalled . True to the facts , Simien nor Landry had no right to shoplift any merchandise from the owners store , but from my knowledge there is proper procedure to handle such a matter ! Intensifying the situation is not the answer . The fault falls within the owners simply for following the suspects outside . Never once does the article state that the two questioned suspects showed there weapon inside the store . However it does state : that the suspects went to flee and were confronted within confrontation which then resulted in conflict ! Neither , the suspect , victim , nor the clerk and store owner are innocent , all deserve to be punished ! This is simply another reflection on the Trayvon Martin case ! In such and incident your instruction not to follow trouble in any situation once it has left you prescences !

Posted By: Soni On: 11/20/2013

Title: Shame on you police

I'm agree with
Chris , why not self defend.

Posted By: Soni On: 11/19/2013

Title: Every one have rights to protect him self

Same on all of people who say it's ok to steel any thing from store
Today you grow up your kids with this smal theft and tomorow
They become a Simien and Landry. And those kind of robers can also hurt police
And any one in public. So owner did not did any thing wrong, it's just self defense , do not wait for police other wise
You die and police just day sorry wrong time wrong place.
Remember today cady stolen
Tomorow money
After experiance bank robery and killing people
And don't hurt any one all of us one family.

Posted By: jim On: 11/19/2013

Title: come on

come one people, we live in a society of laws. you can not beat someone unconscious and possibly to death because they stole candy from you. if this was true, half of us would be dead.
these people followed the shop lifter outside and beat him until he was unconscious, and then they kept beating him. whats wrong with yall? does your kid deserve to be beaten unconscious if he stole a can of pop? maybe you can say that we can beat the kid unconscious, but can they keep hitting him with him in the head when he is laying on the ground unconscious? i

Posted By: Dorinda DeReese On: 11/19/2013

Title: WHAT????

I am SO impressed and PROUD of these business owners who had the guts to fight back and protect themselves , their businesses and possessions. I am appalled that they were arrested and charged with any wrong doing. What they did was RIGHT-reward them, use them as an example-If you go looking for trouble here in Louisiana, you WILL find it. We need to stick to our common sense here in the southern part of the USA

Posted By: TexCajun On: 11/19/2013

Title: Charged for what?

These men should be given a medal for defending their property. The streets of Lake Charles are safer because of them.

Posted By: Alba1982 On: 11/19/2013

Title: stand your ground

Why could the manager and employee not defend themselves? What is going on here? If someone points a gun at me,I would go down kicking and fighting too. I understand them getting in trouble if the robbers ceased and attempted to flee, but this article doesn't say that. What really happened?

Posted By: Robert On: 11/19/2013


What idiot would charge the workers? The shoplifter should have been killed in the store.

Posted By: Robert Wayne On: 11/19/2013


I want to know one thing. Why are the store manager and store clerk being arrested? They should be glorified for trying to stop that fat pig of a thief and his pal. If I owned a store I would have done exactly the same thing as those two store employees. This is just another example where criminals are protected and those who are on the receiving end of trouble from these worthless thugs are arrested.

Posted By: John Jones On: 11/19/2013


I agree with Chris. How stupid can the law be!

Posted By: Jim On: 11/19/2013


Come on man, just Bc someone shop lifts you do not beat him until he is unconscious and then keep on beating him more when he is knocked out. A pack of chips is not worth someone life!

Posted By: Gladis Broussard On: 11/19/2013

Title: agreedable

unless u want crime to continue to go up U guys better defend the honest folks that make this area their home. Keep defending yourself and your property, Im on your side and so are a lot of hard working people. Your definitely within your rights these guys will end up in prison at the cost of someone's life. What r u thinking? Do police officers have enough experience for the job ummm makes u think twice,. Good luck with your defense and let the public know speak out until your heard in congress don't let this issue die.G

Posted By: Chris Britt On: 11/18/2013


Let me get this straight. The police are not doing anything to the dude that helped rob and beat them but they are arresting the clerk and manager for protecting what was their property. And you people wonder what on the hell is wrong with our country. Personally I think the clerk and owner should have been allowed to beat both their stealing ass in to a state of unconscious. I bet they would not steal again. That is a damn shame. Shame on your lake charles police

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