Tax burden isn't real problem

An anti-tax movement appears to be sweeping the country, and Louisiana taxpayers are among the growing numbers who are rejecting taxes for schools, recreation and other important government services.

Reform time is slipping away

Covering the current session of the Louisiana Legislature has become an extremely frustrating experience. For weeks now, many lawmakers in the House appear to have abandoned any pretense of trying to fix broken and outdated budget and tax systems.

Governor enjoys rare victory

BATON ROUGE — To say the legislative program of Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards hasn’t fared well during the current legislative session would be a major understatement. However, the governor improved his odds this week when the Senate approved compromise bills designed to reform the state’s justice system.

Elderly care has to be better

The Louisiana Nursing Home Association has been calling the shots at the state Legislature for too many years.

Legislators cave in to pressure

Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee, where tax bills have to begin their trek through the