Recounts 'grasping at straws'

Election officials across this country generally agree the recount of votes in the Nov. 8 presidential election in three states is a complete waste of time and money. The New Yorker magazine calls it “The Recount to Nowhere” in a Monday piece by Amy

Republicans ahead in runoffs

If the polls are correct, Republicans will win in the Dec. 10 runoffs for three of Louisiana’s seats in Congress. However, there are two Republicans in the 3rd Congressional District race, so it is tougher to predict.

Letting go difficult, but wise

“Thank you, God, for another good day.”

I open my prayers at the end of each

Roads, bridges need billions

Few question the tremendous anti-tax mood that has swept the country, but Louisiana’s nearly $30 billion in

Electoral College will survive

The surprising election of Republican Donald Trump as president and the fact that Democrat Hillary Clinton,