Did anyone win first debate?

Most political analysts believe Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton won Monday night’s first presidential debate. However, supporters of Republican Party nominee Donald Trump aren’t conceding that their man lost.

Gasoline tax in news again

Ken Naquin, a member of Gov. John Bel Edwards’ transportation task force, said last week the doubling of

How is Senate race going?

The campaign to replace U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-Metairie, may have 24 candidates, but look for only seven or eight to have a shot at making the runoff. Even two of those have to be considered long shots.

Controversy clouds Senate race

Just when it was time to focus on electing another U.S. senator from Louisiana from among 24 candidates, a

What's next at prison system?

Someone in authority has finally decided it’s time to take questionable conduct at the state Department