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President Barack Obama, right, listens to Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney during the first presidential debate Wednesday night at the University of Denver in Denver. (Associated Press)

President Barack Obama, right, listens to Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney during the first presidential debate Wednesday night at the University of Denver in Denver. (Associated Press)

McNeese professor weighs in on presidential debate

Last Modified: Thursday, October 04, 2012 6:35 PM

By Andy Luster / Special to the American Press

This was a chance for Mitt Romney to gain some momentum as he came in with the lowest expectations, and he met those expectations but did not exceed them.

He made claims that will shock a lot of voters, including the elimination of PBS and other arts programs. He flip-flopped on himself and his proposed tax policy. He also said we need religious tolerance in our country, yet we are all children of the same God.

But he definitely stuck to his guns and did as good a job as he could have attacking President Barack Obama’s policies from the last four years. Obama continued to present his eloquent style and attacked Romney directly and defended his policies.

The high point for the president was when he defended his cuts to Medicare and defended Obamacare. The low points came when the president stumbled over himself and took too much time deciding what he wanted to say.

Both candidates actually did a good job presenting the issues and their stances on them. Both men had difficulty speaking to voters exclusively, paying more attention to debate moderator Jim Lehrer than they did the camera.

Overall, both candidates were able to effectively explain how they are similar to each other, and then tell voters how they are different.

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Andy Luster is assistant director of speech and debate at McNeese State University.

Posted By: Randy On: 10/16/2012

Title: Disclosure

These days we must not only scrutinize the candidates but the knowledge source also.
Guess where Luster is from? Chicago
Guess where Obama is from? Chicago
Full disclosure please.

Posted By: ralph myers On: 10/4/2012

Title: Typical liberal professor

even bill mayer said that obama was beaten like a rapid, the idiot professor is definately a liberal loon

Posted By: d.smith On: 10/4/2012


Neither candidate addressed anything in the manner that was set forth by on founding fathers. This country has split so far off from how it was founded, the religions and economic ideals of our initial Declaration of Independence and Constitution. They are both so out of touch it is ridiculous. Until we find a candidate willing to stand up for what this country was founded and built on, we will be having this same escalating problems until the entire country as we know it has collapsed.

Posted By: Jared On: 10/4/2012

Title: Romney won by lying better

First off, government funding for PBS is minuscule. It will do nothing to address the deficit. Its like saying I'm going to cut out that once a week purchase of chewing gum to lower spending in my household. I also have no idea how Romney can say that his tax cut doesn't add to the deficit. How is that possible? If you lower revenue, then you've added to the deficit. And if he's basically saying that closing loopholes (which can't account for $5 trillion) then how do you call it a tax cut? He's saying that he'll lower your taxes through your tax rate but increase your taxes through removing deductions. Makes sense if you don't think about it.

Posted By: Kyle On: 10/4/2012

Title: Why focus on PBS?

The comment was not an attack on PBS but an example of things the country cannot currently afford. Im sure an ad attacking Romney with Mrs Piggy and Big Bird will soon follow.

Posted By: Bryan Rivera On: 10/4/2012

Title: professor

If the fact that a professor is republican or democrat is a contributing factor as to what he teaches it will not be the truth. Truth is based on facts no matter who reads them.

Posted By: Ed On: 10/4/2012

Title: In repsonse to Ron Folds

Who truth are you referring to? PBS probably taught him how to make friends. Romney saying how to make 12 million jobs and do this and that but not once did he say how was going to do it. He was very rude last night and still never got his point across. If Romney wins the whole US will be run like Jindal has Louisiana.

Posted By: claude On: 10/4/2012

Title: In response to Boudreaux

"fact checkers"? You mean, spin doctors!

" />

Posted By: L Cox On: 10/4/2012

Title: Thanks

Thank you very much for your comment, Mr. Folds!!

Posted By: claude On: 10/4/2012


It is funny to listen to the national pundits, liberal and conservative, on the debate. It is almost unanimous that Romney won. Then, I read this article and find out all of the pundits were wrong.

Posted By: Darrell Gregory On: 10/4/2012


Since PBS receives most of its funds from private sources why should the tax payers continue to pay? If you want to pay for it you are free to contribute. It f Obama is re-elected you will not have that option---all of our incomes will go to pay for the debt (16,000,000,000,000.00 plus and counting). Each budget projected for the next four years adds an additional trillion dollars deficit plus interest on the 16 trillion. THINK! Is this the way you run your house---adding debt each and every day. Vote for freedom not economic slavery

Posted By: Boudreaux On: 10/4/2012

Title: In response to Ron Folds

He could borrow money from himself to pay for PBS, it's such a miniscule part of the budget. There isn't a shovel in the world big enough to clean up all the BS Romney was spewing tonight. Talk about desperate! Once the fact checkers finish picking this one over, RMoney will be back to square one, which is finished.

Posted By: Ron Folds On: 10/4/2012


Did you listen to why he would get rid of PBS. Other than it leans to far left, Mitt Romney will not borrow money from China to pay for PBS. I agree. I would rather see my tax dollars pay for something like a Republican professor that will teach our children the truth rather than all the left leaning agendas.

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