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LaGrange dedicating football game as LC-B homecoming celebration

Last Modified: Saturday, September 15, 2012 6:34 PM

By Ashley Withers / American Press

LaGrange High School expects to see its football stadium packed with fans Friday night, but instead of the school’s traditional purple, the stadium will host a sea of red.

LaGrange is dedicating this week’s home game to Lake Charles-Boston High School, allowing the alumni to have a homecoming experience even though the school no longer exists.

“We’re trying to provide alumni and the former LC-B administration and teachers the opportunity to celebrate homecoming. The school shut down, and it’s not fair for them,” said head football coach Jules Sullen.

“They still need somewhere to come together, to have reunions and to have a sense of Lake Charles-Boston pride.”

The football players will wear red jerseys with “Cougars” emblazoned on the back, and the dance team and cheerleaders will also wear LC-B-style uniforms.

Sullen said the alumni he has spoken to have been grateful for the gesture.

“It’s been awesome. They are so appreciative that we would do this, especially wearing the red jerseys. We think it will be fitting. The objective is just to get the LC-B family together again.”

Sullen was a football coach at LC-B in 1997-1998 and said he distinctly remembers the school’s homecoming game.

“I remember how exciting it was. It was a great way to bring everyone together,” he said. “I think this game will bring everyone together and will let them know that though they may be gone, they are not forgotten.”

Sullen is not the only person at LaGrange with LC-B ties. He said several of the teachers are LC-B graduates and some are even former LC-B teachers.

A few members of the football team also have familial ties to the old school. Several players have siblings or relatives who played for the Cougars.

Freddie Williams, a LaGrange senior football player, said two of his brothers were on the LC-B football team.

“It will mean a lot to them to see me playing in red,” he said. “They’re really excited. They’ll be the first ones there Friday night.”

Williams’ teammate Nicholas Pitre said his cousin, another LC-B alumnus, will join them in the stands.

“When I told him, he called all of his friends and said, ‘They’re playing one for us,’ ” Pitre said.

“I would want someone to do that for us if LaGrange closed down. All they have is memories now. They can’t go back and watch their team.”

“It’s going to be different, but they’re going to be amazed,” Williams said. “It’s great that we get to play for them.”

Sullen said the LC-B homecoming at a LaGrange football game will not be a one-time event.

“I made a promise: As long as I’m the head coach we’ll do it,” he said.

The Lake Charles-Boston homecoming celebration will be held during the LaGrange vs. Mansfield home game at 7 p.m. Friday.

Posted By: Chris Mitchell On: 10/12/2012

Title: L.C.B.

I remember the LCB teams of the 80"s, 1985 in particular,those were good football teams for LCB, I remember one player, Castanza Thomas on that 1985 team, that kid was a ball player,I just wish I would have had the chance to play against him and his teammates in the 1985 LHSAA football playoff first round,my teammate and I wanted to play LCB so badly.The team I played for was the VILLE PLATTE BULLDOGS,small town team playing AAA-FOOTBALL in Louisiana,Castanza has family ties to VILLE PLATTE,LA.,so playing LCB in LAKE CHARLES was big for our fans,family,etc. HEY STAN, THIS is CHRIS,CJ--GO MOB,MSU--VP posse, you all did not want to play us in 1985 LOL.. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK COACH-----------LCB-COUGARS-----WAY TO GO GATORS----GOOD LUCK IN 2012.C

Posted By: RJ Bartie On: 9/15/2012

Title: In Memory of Lake Charles-Boston High School

Wow! Who could have thought of such a memoriol? One that symbolizes UNITY, STRENGTH, OPEN-MINDEDNESS. Thank you Coach Sullen for the vision God has laid upon your heart to remember the Cougars! I was one of your many players on LCB football team from 1997-1998. I know the passion and drive you coach with, and I can only imagine how much it has grown after all these years. To the LaGrange and LCB family (past and current), young and old, l challenge you to continue the vision that Coach Sullen has wrote down in history! I Love you all! RJ Bartie and Family. God Bless!

Posted By: Doug On: 9/14/2012

Title: Fantastic!!!!

What Coach Sullen has thought of is perhaps the greatest gesture from a coach that I have ever heard of. It will be HUGE!!! I hope that it will catch on state-wide, maybe even nation-wide. Thank you, sir. With vision like that you should be a principal. Kudos..

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