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Just for Jesus pastor arrested again

Last Modified: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 2:38 PM

By Johnathan Manning / American Press

A local pastor with past legal woes was arrested again Monday on a drug charge, authorities said.

James P. Bertrand Jr., 51, 3945 South Blue Sage Rd., was arrested for possession of crack cocaine, according to a news release from Kim Myers, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office spokesperson.

Myers said Bertrand was arrested after a sheriff's officer observed what was believed to be a drug transaction outside a gas station on Country Club Road.

Bertrand, who founded the Just for Jesus rallies in Lake Charles, was arrested in Houston in December on theft charges — authorities said he purchased a $67,000 vehicle from a Lake Area dealership, but the transaction was voided because his driver's license was suspended at the time. The dealership tried to retrieve the vehicle twice on its own, authorities said.

Bertrand was also arrested on cocaine and DWI charges in Texas in September.

Myers said that when officers approached Bertrand on Monday, they saw a "smoking device in his back pocket."

He attempted to discard a clear plastic bag containing crack cocaine, which he had concealed in his mouth, she said.

Bertrand was charged with possession of crack cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia, she said.

He was released on an $8,500 bond set by Judge David Ritchie.

Posted By: Bobby Lee On: 11/6/2015

Title: you judged me

I played music for him many times. He judged me for smoking cigarettes while he was smoking crack. Yes everyone deserves a second chance. Not ten. I agree through dealing with him he is a cook and crackhead.

Posted By: lacy On: 5/19/2014

Title: he can do what ever he wants

this man thinks he;s above the law,,,,,,he move from his home town, and now gets to opens a new busniss in another town,,,,,,,,,,whats wrong this.....

Posted By: posted by dawon and toni on 07 26 2013 On: 7/27/2013

Title: judge not that ye be judge

Were praying for you mr bertrand Were going to keep you. In our prayers we love you Were praying that you get it. Together and god will give you a second chance everybody deserves a second chance e

Posted By: steve lively On: 5/16/2013

Title: pray for his soul

He and I had some dealings with the lube shop in Sulphur. He screwed me but I can't be glad because I would not be Christ like. We need to pray for him

Posted By: Danielle On: 5/1/2013


He is fake and anyone that thinks they know him ought to think again, he is the biggest crook in the state of louisiana. He has stolen from my family thousands of dollars and lied. Anyone that has done business with him was screwed.

Posted By: Ludlow On: 4/24/2013

Title: Why not just lock him up until he goes to trial?

April 19th, 2013 American Press:
James Patrick Bertrand, 51, 3945 S. Blue Sage Road — simple battery, drug possession, drug paraphernalia. Bond: $1,000.
April 24th, 2013 American Press:
James Patrick Bertrand, 51, 3945 S. Blue Sage Road — drug possession with intent to distribute, drug possession.

Posted By: Concerned On: 2/24/2013

Title: Only Hypocrites Judge

Let he without sin cast the first stone. One sin is no worse than another in GODS eyes, only Man...Being a hypocrite is Luke yourself a favor and go read the BIBLE and look up how GOD feels about Luke Warmness.

Posted By: katina and shawn On: 2/1/2013

Title: pastor

Every one has down falls in life and drugs can take down anybody the devil is evil.but he's still a great man.God will help him through.cause gos is a mricale worker. He just needs prayers so plead pray for him.he's truley a great man. I know him personally and he's help a lot of people.pastor James we love u just have faith.

Posted By: Tammy Rosteet On: 1/30/2013

Title: oh really!!! he did a memorial service for a friend of mine. I even went to his church!! Lord have mercy!!

Posted By: William On: 1/30/2013


Sad to say, but you're absolutely right, Doug. People will still follow and support this man. So sad!

Posted By: Doug On: 1/30/2013


And he will still have followers.

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