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Thursday, May 25, 2017
Southwest Louisiana ,
Jaime Brooks Day, found Nov. 13 of physically abusing her stepson, was set to be sentenced on Friday. (Donna Price / American Press)

Jaime Brooks Day, found Nov. 13 of physically abusing her stepson, was set to be sentenced on Friday. (Donna Price / American Press)

Jaime Day gets 30 years on child abuse charge

Last Modified: Saturday, December 07, 2013 11:36 PM

By Johnathan Manning / American Press

A woman convicted of abusing her stepson was sentenced to 30 years in prison Friday in state district court. Jaime Brooks Day, 31, was found guilty Nov. 13 of second-degree cruelty to a juvenile. She faced up to 40 years in prison.

Before the sentence was delivered, Day wept as she asked Judge Clayton Davis to “please have mercy on me.”

The boy testified during trial that Day only allowed him to eat grits, ramen noodles and rice; made him eat his own excrement; hung him upside down by his ankles in the bathroom; burned him on his back with a sock full of rice; had one of her three biological children help her Saran-wrap him to his bed; hit him in the face with a dustpan; threw a screwdriver at him; burned him with a blowdryer; and made him eat a handful of salt.

The 9-year-old boy reportedly weighed 38 pounds, was badly bruised and had hair growing all over him from malnourishment when he was taken to the hospital in early 2010.

“He’s going to see those scars every time he looks in the mirror,” prosecutor Lori Nunn said. She said he was always going to be asked how he acquired the scars. “People are going to be asking a lot longer than 40 years.”

Nunn read part of a victim-impact statement written by the boy: “I wish she didn’t hurt me because my feelings are always upset. I’m always angry at her.”

Day was motivated by anger at the boy’s father, Murry Day, “and she took it out on a vulnerable child,” Nunn said.

Defense attorney Walt Sanchez said that because of psychological problems the boy had before he entered Jaime Day’s care, he “presents one of the most complex psychological profiles that I’ve seen in 30 years of practice.”

Davis said he put great weight on testimony and a letter from Dr. Scott Benton, a specialist in child abuse pediatrics, who laid out how children who are starved act.

“He was perhaps the other star in this case in that he was able to explain the unexplainable,” Davis said.

Davis said fundamental to Benton’s testimony, and to clinical psychologist Lawrence Dilks’ testimony, was that children do not starve themselves.

“If you accept that, and I do, then the defense kind of crumbles,” Davis said.

Davis said other key evidence was a more-than-20-minute video shot by Day of the boy on his knees wailing. It showed a window into Day’s mental abuse, the judge said. During the trial, Davis ordered the tape turned off after only four minutes.

Davis said he did not hand out the maximum sentence of 40 years because he does not believe Day will be a threat in the future.

“I think circumstances were forced upon her and she was unable to handle them,” the judge said. “Unfortunately, her method of handling (the boy) was to practically kill him.”

The defense called two witnesses, Glenn Massey, pastor of LivingWay Pentecostal Church, and Bishop C.R. Nugent, former pastor of LivingWay.

Nugent said he didn’t know the Day who was portrayed in the newspaper; there has been a lot of misinformation, he said.

“We know the sweet Jaime,” he said. “The Jaime Day I know is not the Jaime Day that has been spilt in this city.”

Nugent said the church has taught its members all their lives to work peaceably with law enforcement, but “that’s been injured.”

He promised his congregation that justice would prevail, but “I don’t feel justice prevailed,” Nugent said.

Nugent said he keeps waiting for that one intelligent adult to step forward and say they’ve seen Jaime Day abuse a child.

At that point, Davis stopped him and said that person was Katie Day, Jaime Day’s sister-in-law, who reported the boy’s condition to deputies.

“She’s a hero in this case,” Davis said.

Nugent told Davis he respected him and the court; Davis said he had been in Nugent’s church and respected him as well. Nugent said he wasn’t asking to retry the case, but was asking for mercy from the court.

Massey also pleaded with the court for mercy. He said Day was raised “in the best possible scenario.”

“Not to my knowledge has Jaime ever committed a crime, so I ask for mercy,” Massey said.

The boy’s father, Murry Dalton Day, pleaded no contest on Nov. 22 to being an accessory after the fact to second-degree cruelty to a juvenile. He faces up to five years in prison when he is sentenced March 26.

Posted By: Grifin hanks On: 1/29/2017

Title: Grifin hanks

I think she was framed she is innocent

Posted By: Kayla On: 11/2/2016

Title: What did murry day get

Posted By: Gabe Hanks On: 10/22/2015

Title: thank you

your all right people who said whe is in there for a good reason thank you guys for saving me <3

Posted By: Child Avenger On: 7/20/2015

Title: Child Abusers Should be Punished Severely...If they abuse the child

If anyone has read this book and looked at the dishonesty of the DA and the Child Protective Services Agency you would rethink your agreement with this woman's conviction. Her mother is not on "trial", she is. If the evidence doesn't rise to the level of preponderance then she should NOT have been convicted. The evidence indeed DID NOT rise to the level yet as we have seen in the US, someone must be the scapegoat and unfortunately Jamie Day was. This minor child is a victim as well as he needs help. He is a victim of his mother, who he lived with during his developmental years, yes he was abused and YES I have seen the documentation of his self inflicting wounds in which he admitted to inflicting might I add. Why did the DA not ALLOW the child's therapist who knew first hand about his self inflicting injuries to testify at this trial. Well, let me tell you why, that would have caused them to LOSE. The trust of the public would be lost and the Child Protective Services would have been in trouble and would have been sued. This is a case of wrongful conviction and this is a crime.

Posted By: Corrie On: 5/30/2015

Title: You dont know her

I have meet her personally and i feel it in my heart that this lady did not commit this crime I feel that she has been wrongly accused and convicted the city lake charles and the state of Louisiana is a joke I my god don't sleep so justice will be prevailed

Posted By: Tabitha Irvine On: 1/7/2015

Title: jail

I recently meet Jamie day in LCIW. This woman is a kind woman with the heart of gold. I DONT believe any of these accusations. The boy has already blame a former woman for the samethings. I believe justice will prevail and she will get to come home. Only God knows

Posted By: Just sayin On: 7/11/2014


Well I'd say first hand instinct that she did it & I have my own opinion of where she learned it but I'll keep my mouth shut on that one.... She was very spoiled .... I know it was hell working for her momma & she was plain evil n I didn't trust her at all... I can't believe the 2 pastors actually said she is innocent, especially Brother Nugent from North Louisiana... I feel so bad for that child & I say that Jamie's momma probably knew what was going on.... Just stating my experience in knowing them & my experience with the mom & Jamie

Posted By: Anon On: 4/22/2014

Title: Sick Woman

Sad, sick little psycho. If you ask me,she should be getting life in jail. At least then, she won't be able to do this to some other kid.

Posted By: Ravena On: 4/22/2014

Title: Serves Her Right

I refuse to feel sorry for this woman. I understood how people justify child abuse. If you don't want the kid, give them to someone who actually gives a damn! An innocent little boy suffered at the hands of this woman and she has the nerve to put up an act with crocodile tears and beg for mercy?
Hmm...Sounds like one of those "Ever so sick people" who "can't help themselves" and hurt their children or family but they have no problem acting like normal people when the police or someone willing to step in is around.

Posted By: Renee Armstrong On: 4/5/2014

Title: HORROR!!!

This is one of the horrible things I've read!! Even though the "grownups" (Jamie's elders) are not legally responsible for her actions, they SHOULD have known, turned her in and made the child safe! I am disgusted. Some parents are completely blind when it comes to their adult children's actions, remembering them as precious little babies. THIS woman is NOT a precious lil baby. Sounds like she is spoiled rotten and was jealous of the child and trying to "show him up." How ridiculous is that? That's like being jealous of your child when your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse (whatever the case may be) molests your child. All of you that covered up for this criminal make me ill!!! Shame on you! You may not be convicted on this Earth, but boy oh boy do you have hard times coming up when you meet your maker!

Posted By: ANNOMOUS On: 2/18/2014



Posted By: Gerald Price On: 2/12/2014

Title: Jaime's Father

These comments would be amusing to me if I had not Lived the ugly truth. A good lesson learned by reading these comments is how we in the public are led like sheep at the medias will. Jaime Day is innocent and that is not an opinion. That's a fact that everyone on both sides of the case the soon to be released book the "darker side of Justice" if you want to know the truth.

Posted By: Tommy Paine On: 2/7/2014

Title: A family friend

Posted by Tommy paine
I do not believe that Jamie is innocent, She should have went to her parents and , If she did not know how to handle this child she should have left and not let this happen ,I agree with the jury!

Posted By: Frances On: 12/9/2013

Title: Appalled!

Shame on you pastors. Yes justice did prevail. She showed no mercy towards the child. She only got 30 years wjich Iis noy enough. Thanks to the juge for not listening to your foolishness about "sweet" Jamie.
It is apparent that the church does not have anything else better to do than to plead for mercy for a cild abuser. I am appalled that the two pastors did not show compassion towards the child who has suffered and will have to continue to suffer mentally and emotionally because of the cruel treatment he received at the hands on "sweet"Jamie.

It is apparent that the church does not have anything else better to do than to plead for mercy for a cild abuser. I am appalled that the two pastors did not show compassion towards the child who has suffered and will have to continue to suffer mentally and emotionally because of the cruel treatment he received at the hands on "sweet"Jamie.
" />

Posted By: Jean On: 12/7/2013

Title: Day

She got what was coming to her!!!!!!

Posted By: Dee Louviere On: 12/6/2013

Title: Serves her right!

I am very pleased to read this because I believe that if you abuse yours or someone else's children then you deserve to go to prison. That's what you get!!!!!!

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