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Friday, April 28, 2017
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(Photo courtesy of Slot Car News)

(Photo courtesy of Slot Car News)

Putting spinner wheels on vehicles not illegal

Last Modified: Monday, April 21, 2014 5:23 PM

By Andrew Perzo / American Press

Why are the police letting these cars run up and down the road with these spinner hubcaps on their cars?

Neither spinner hubcaps nor inner-wheel spinners are illegal.

Steve McDonald, vice president of government affairs for the Specialty Equipment Market Association, a trade group, said he knows of no states that ban spinners.

Lawmakers in Iowa, New York and Virginia tried in recent years to ban them, but the bills were defeated, he said.

Spinners, which are less popular now than they once were, “no longer seem to be the focus of legislation or regulations,” McDonald said.

State Rep. Terry Landry, D-New Iberia and a former state police superintendent, sponsored a bill last year to ban hubcaps and rims that feature protrusions that extend beyond a vehicle’s width.

The House passed the measure, but the legislation died in a Senate committee.


Readings on pumps must start at zero

At the gas station I use, the pump doesn’t start at zero. It ends at the amount you want, but it doesn’t start at zero. Why is that?

The Informer is unsure, but it does know that the reading should start at zero.

“All retail dispensing devices must identify conspicuously the type of product, the particular grade of the product, and the applicable Antiknock Index (AKI),” reads a provision in Title 7 of the Louisiana Administrative Code, a set of regulations.

“The device shall automatically show on its face the initial zero condition and the quantity delivered (up to the nominal capacity).”

The state Agriculture Department’s Weights and Measures Division inspects gas stations and enforces regulations on fuel pumps and fuel purity. To report a complaint about inaccurate pricing or fuel quality, call 800-247-1086 during business hours.

The Agriculture Department’s website offers the following as part of an overview of fuel station inspections:

A typical inspection of a retail motor fuel establishment will begin with the inspectors making sure that all posted signs advertising the price are in agreement with the dispenser price. Louisiana law does not require that the price be posted on a street sign. However, if the station so chooses, the street sign price must be in agreement with the dispenser price.

After checking that the motor fuel dispensing device starts at zero, a calibration check is performed to ensure the correct volume is dispensed from the nozzle. The dispenser’s displayed total price is then checked against the store’s console for pricing accuracy. ... The device must also initiate at $0.00 and 0.00 gallons on the display and remain at this value until activated by the customer at the nozzle. Dispensers are also checked for proper octane labeling and for any signs of leakage or wear. Upon completion of the inspection, a lead seal is applied to the point of calibration to prevent tampering.


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