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Bones found near Merryville could belong to man missing since September

Last Modified: Thursday, October 25, 2012 11:50 AM

By Johnathan Manning / American Press

Authorities are waiting to see if skeletal remains found in Beauregard Parish are be those of a Merryville man missing since September.

Joe Toler, Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman, said the remains were sent to the LSU forensic lab for identification to see whether they are the remains of Adam Davis, who was reportedly last seen Sept. 16.

An arrowhead hunter found a skull Tuesday while searching a secluded, heavily wooded area west of Merryville that can only be reached by boat, Toler said.

That, in turn, led to the discovery of other skeletal remains, Toler said. He said Beauregard Parish detectives were able to recover 98 percent of the skeleton.

There was no evidence of foul play at the scene, Toler said.

Davis, 32, was last seen Sept. 16, according to a missing persons news release sent out by the Sheriff’s Office on Oct. 2.

At the time of Davis’ disappearance, two bench warrants for failing to show in court had been issued for his arrest, Toler said. One was for a driving violation and the other for possession of a controlled substance, he said.

Mary Manhein, head of LSU’s forensic lab, investigated the scene and took Davis’ dental records with her to Baton Rouge to compare to the remains, Toler said.

Posted By: Michele (Voytko) Davis On: 10/31/2012

Title: Thank you!

Second attempt to get this message thru. To those who know, care, love Adam I thank you for your support! With all my heart hope this is not about my son, but my mind tells me different! Your support means more than I can say, thank you all! Adams Mom

Posted By: Shannon Myers On: 10/29/2012

Title: Tacky

There is a thin line in publishing which is what is conceived as the truth and what IS the actual truth. I feel that whoever wrote this article, did not give the statements they published the full attention nor respect any journalist should! I also feel that an apology should be written to the family concerning the way the article was ever so quick to say negative things about this man, but NOT ONE positive thing. As for the BPSO, shame on you. Any missing person should warrant the same time, care, and tenacity. What happened to truth in the Press? This is not the national inquirer and you should hold yourself to higher standards than you have shown.

Posted By: Dick Tracy On: 10/27/2012

Title: Lie

No way the man was arrowhead hunting back there. I've been back there and a rabbit would have a hard time getting around its so thick.

Posted By: Beau On: 10/26/2012

Title: Arrowhead Hunter

Arrowhead Hunter ..... That sounds like a suspicious name to me! did they check his Identification? Seems like he knew just where to find what he was looking for!!!! Why was his name left out of the article?????? I bet his name was Dick Tracy or maybe he was a Johnson.

Posted By: Debbie On: 10/26/2012

Title: Sad!!

I agree with the other two comments!!!! This is so sad. There are alot of heavy hearts in Merryville due to this situation. There is most diffently foul play!!!! This young man did not deserve to die like this. If this was your son, dad, or brother you would want answers to what happened to him. His past has nothing to do with his death. Whether he had a record or bench warrants out for his arrest. He is a human being and justice needs to be served for him and his family so they can have peace with his untimely death!!! There may not be any evidence of foul play at the scene. But how did his body get there if it could only be reached by boat? Did ya'll ever think his body could have been put in that area hoping that he wouldnt be found? Come on--WAKE UP!!!! Common sense tells you that there is more to this story than ya'll are reporting and what the Toler is reporting to the public!!! RIP Adam, You are loved by many and will be missed!!!

Posted By: Fred On: 10/26/2012

Title: Confused

If the bpso isn't sure who the person is yet then why are they discussing this mans criminal record with a reporter? Why is that even relevant? Here's my question-----are they qualified cops?

Posted By: Keener cagle On: 10/26/2012

Title: Garbage

Horrible journalism. Too much unnecessary information. Stick to what the story is about, no one cares what was going on in the persons personal life. Stick to the facts of the investigation, that is what the public comes here for. As for the bpso, stay on task. I'm pretty sure no one gives a hoot whether or not someone didn't show up to court to give y'all money for harrasing us. Please do your job, it's what we pay you to do.

Posted By: Amber On: 10/25/2012

Title: Wow

Tactless reporting! This poor family could possibly be grieving the loss of a loved one! He was also a father, son, and brother. People care about him. Everyone has a past, this doesn't mean that he doesn't deserve a fair investigation. Very dissappointed with this "reporting" as I'm sure others are as well.

Posted By: Stephanie On: 10/25/2012

Title: Seriously??

There is a young man...son, brother, husband, daddy, uncle and friend...that has been missing for over a month, with lots of rumors of foul play, but instead you mention bench warrants? Is that why there wasn't more done to try and locate, search for him? Say these remain are that of Adam? How did he get to this secluded location, you said it could only be reached by boat and there was no evidence of foul play? Seems contradicting to say the least, and further more you should be ashamed publishing this article to the public when their is family so desperate for answers and all you have done is make it seem like its nothing!!!

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