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Hobbs: LSU's fall to ninth doesn't add up

Last Modified: Sunday, November 04, 2012 10:02 PM

By Scooter Hobbs / American Press

BATON ROUGE — Uh-oh. The humans are at it again, up to their usual foolishness.

Do we really want these people and their polls having such a large say in college football?

Program some new computers. Get some robots. Draw straws. Try a dart board. Maybe out-source their chores to Malaysia or somewhere.

In the overall scheme of things, it’s not really that important, at least for LSU.

The Tigers’ original season dreams of a moon over Miami for the Bowl Championship Series championship game were forever dashed when Alabama, to its everlasting championship credit, found a way to escape Tiger Stadium with a 21-17 victory over LSU.

So no harm done.

But are we to believe that on the morning after LSU pretty well demonstrated that it might well be the No. 1A team in the country, the humanoids in both the coaches’ and writers’ polls dropped the Tigers from No. 5 to No. 9 in the country.

No, it didn’t make the loss to Florida go away, and LSU is the highest-ranked two-loss team in the country.

The poll should be a season’s body of work.

But if the Tigers were OK at No. 5 with one loss, where’s the logic that, after basically out-playing No. 1 before a heartbreaking loss, suddenly the trap door is pulled out from under them?

Do you think any of those teams that moved ahead of LSU would have fared better? Were any of these deep thinkers watching that game Saturday night?

Maybe that’s your answer.

They have lives away from the couch and the channel remote.

The writers were likely covering other games.

The coaches, except for Texas A&M and Mississippi State — which play Alabama and LSU respectively this week — were more interested in film from other games more likely to affect their own paychecks.

So, maybe they didn’t actually see the LSU team we’ve been waiting to see all year.

The Tigers just happened to fulfill their potential against one of the two teams in America — I’ll give Oregon some due here; the rest are day-dreaming — that had any chance of beating LSU when it finally put it all together for a night.

Alabama is the best team in the country. Saturday night LSU was better than the Crimson Tide.

That doesn’t change the scoreboard. LSU may have deserved better, but the Tigers didn’t deserve to win because, despite every opportunity, they didn’t.

Gosh knows, a lot of teams over the years have wandered away from tangles with Les Miles, having outplayed LSU, all the while wondering “How the heck’d he do that?”

So it’s doubtful the Tigers will get much sympathy after losing a game in which they rolled up the third-most yards ever on a Nick Saban Alabama defense, outgaining the Tide 435-331 with almost double the time of possession while also winning the turnover battle 2-0 and even out-quarterbacking an alleged Heisman candidate.

Miles has also had his share of victories that were indecipherable to the stat sheet and human eye alike.

And that’s what makes it a crazy game.

A year ago, LSU kind of snuck out of Tuscaloosa with a 9-6 victory in the midst one of the greatest regular seasons ever in college football.

To the unbiased eye, it appeared that Alabama was really the better team that night of the Game of the Century.

You got the feeling that, no matter the macho posturing, the Tigers really wouldn’t want to play the Tide again — and acted like it when they had to do it anyway.

This time, after a loss — but not just because it was a loss — you got the feeling LSU would love to play Alabama again today, tomorrow, next week, anyplace, anytime, mostly straight-up — and won’t get the chance.

It also says something about how good these teams have been recently that, despite having two of the toughest, loudest stadiums in world to visit, the homefield has meant virtually nothing to these two.

So, go ahead and circle Nov. 2, 2013, on your calendar now.

It’s the best thing going in college football right now.

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Scooter Hobbs covers LSU sports. Email him at

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