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Monday, May 29, 2017
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Armonta Hadnot exits the 14th Judicial District courthouse after being found guilty of three murders.

Armonta Hadnot exits the 14th Judicial District courthouse after being found guilty of three murders.

Hadnot guilty as charged in triple murder

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By Johnathan Manning / American Press

The announcement in court Wednesday that a jury had found a Lake Charles man guilty of three murders was “the sound of relief,” the father of a victim said.

The jury deliberated for an hour before deciding Armonta Hadnot was guilty as charged of three counts of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted first-degree murder in the deaths of Jeminskian J. Arvie, 20, David Jermaine Galmore, 23, and Fitzgerald Tremayne Guillory, 20. Hadnot and another man approached six people playing dice at McMillan Park on March 20, 2013, robbed them, then started shooting when some of the participants attempted to flee.

“It was the sound of relief that the guilty man has to pay a price for what he did,” Patrick Galmore Sr. said. “It hurts because how it was done and why they did it didn’t make sense at all.”

Hadnot will be sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday.

While the other man has not been found, when a killing is done during an armed robbery, all the participants face the murder charge.

“We were extremely happy he got first-degree because he did it intentionally, he went there to kill,” Jasmine Ledoux, the girlfriend of Arvie’s brother, said. “He deserved life in prison, if he makes it.”

Essie Fisher, Fitgerald’s grandmother, said that although people don’t understand how she can do so, she has forgiven Hadnot.

“I still hope the boy can find it in his heart to seek forgiveness, because I do forgive him,” Fisher said.

The testimony portion of the trial lasted two days.

Four bullet casings found at the scene of a triple murder at McMillan Park were fired from a gun found near Hadnot when he was arrested a day later, a firearms expert testified Wednesday in state district court.

Six bullet casings were found at the park where the shooting happened after dark. After a manhunt, Hadnot was arrested near a garage on St. John Street the following night. A 40-caliber Glock 35 was found about 15 feet away from him, officers testified Tuesday.

Four of the shell casings found at the park were fired from the Glock, said Charles Watson, a firearms expert with the Louisiana State Police, who is also on the Discovery reality show “Sons of Guns.”

The other two shell casings were not fired from the Glock. Another gun was also submitted for analysis, a Taurus 40-caliber. The other two casings “likely” were not fired from the Taurus, Watson said, although he could not completely rule it out.

Hadnot’s DNA matched DNA found on the magazine of the gun, a DNA expert said.

Hadnot’s DNA matched all 16 genetic parts that the Southwest Louisiana Crime Lab tests for, said Chris Singletary, a DNA experts with the lab.

DNA from three people were found on the outside of the gun. While Singletary said he could not say that Hadnot’s DNA was on the exterior, his DNA also could not be ruled out, unlike most of the population.

There was another shooter, the three survivors testified, but they did not know who it was. Two of the survivors said they previously knew Hadnot.

Coroner Terry Welke, the state’s 20th and final witness, told the jury where each of the three men were killed.

Galmore was shot in the right temple, the bullet exiting in front of his left ear, Welke said. He was shot in the head from about two feet away.

Galmore was also shot in the right leg and had what appeared to be a bullet “scrape” on his left shoulder, although Welke said he wasn’t sure if he was shot again or it was from the bullet that struck his head.

Arvie was shot in the lower back, Welke said. The bullet struck his aorta and both lungs before exiting near his collar bone. Arvie was also shot in the hand.

Guillory was also shot in the back, the bullet striking him in the left, below the arm and exiting through his right breast, Welke said. The bullet injured his lungs and his heart and broke a rib.

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