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Grand jury indicts 18 from undercover drug sting

Last Modified: Thursday, August 22, 2013 8:42 PM

By Johnathan Manning / American Press

Eighteen people arrested in July during “Operation Havana Speed” were indicted Thursday on drug charges.

Authorities said the 1 1/2-year-long investigation into “lab-quality” crystal methamphetamine being brought into the area netted more than 20 arrests.

Many of those arrested were from the Starks/Vinton area and had ties to horse racing, authorities said.

Lazaro Perez Cribeiro, 50, alleged to be one of the group’s ringleaders, was indicted on seven counts of meth distribution.

The other 17 people were indicted on attempted meth distribution charges.

Sergio Reyes Castillo, 47, was indicted on 80 counts of attempted distribution and Mario Barraza Corral, 38, was indicted on four counts of attempted distribution. Authorities said both were also leaders of the group.

Omar Barraza Corral, 29, was indicted on 33 counts.

Also indicted were Raul Perez Mendoza, 23 (four counts); Anireal Chavira, 41 (one count); Jessica Clark, 39 (14 counts); Billy Washington Hyatt, 43 (14 counts); Jace Allen Berwick, 39, (eight counts); Jarrod James Hargrave, 33 (one count); Jessica Nicole Bogard, 36 (one count); Steven Thomas Mitchell, 40 (six counts); Rodney Viator, 48 (one count); Alvin Smith III, 24 (eight counts); James Celestine II, 32 (two counts); Theodore Randall Corner, 57 (two counts); Phyllis Marie Breaux Shelton, 53 (one count); and Jenee Lynn Hargrave, 27 (one count).

The charges relate to incidents in March, April, June and July, according to the indictment.

Some of those arrested during the sting have not yet been indicted.

Posted By: Marquits On: 10/25/2013

Title: no evidence

they have no evidemnce whatsoever and they have my dAD therelikw wtf -__- i miss my daddy <|3

Posted By: PQW On: 9/5/2013

Title: Get over it!

The people of Calcasieu found there was evidenece to charge the drug users.In TWO different tries, they did not find enough evidence to support charging 3 people who beat that man to death. That is the system no matter what state your in. How about if that man had not placed himself in the position to get beat up? We would not be talking about this. Would we? Some weave their own web and he weaved his!

Posted By: Lou Ann Haught On: 8/24/2013

Title: La corruption at it's finest!

It is not what you know (or do), most of the time it is "who you know"!
Now that is Louisiana Politics at it best!

Now that is Louisiana Politics at it best!" />

Posted By: Lou Ann On: 8/24/2013

Title: La. corruption at it's finest

It is not always what you know (or do), it is mostly "Who you know"!!

Posted By: Hope Guidry On: 8/23/2013


This sickens me to my core that a Grand Jury can indict men for a drug sting, but allow three men who beat a man to death walk away clean!!! Our Judicial system is as crooked as it gets and I have absolutely no faith in our this system at all!! How sad !!! Louisiana corruption at it's finest!!

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