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Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly. (Associated Press)

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly. (Associated Press)

Gazzolo: To say BCS is flawed is an understatement

Last Modified: Monday, October 29, 2012 7:41 PM

By Jim Gazzolo / American Press

As megastorm Sandy continues to batter the East, a college football version is beginning to brew.

It won’t cause any damage and no lives or property are threatened in this one, just a lot of egos at stake — and more than a few fans could have their tempers displaced.

And right in the eye of this storm sits LSU.

The Tigers’ game Saturday night against top-ranked Alabama will go a long way in determining just how cloudy the final picture will be when it comes to the national championship.

Make that the mythical national championship.

The LSU season is already confusing when it comes to the polls.

Without a big nonconference win and some shaky play on the field, the Tigers somehow find themselves ranked fifth in the latest BCS standings heading into this showdown weekend. How they got there will leave you scratching your head.

LSU finds itself slotted two spots ahead of Florida in the race for the crown. That’s the same Florida team that thumped the Tigers less than a month ago.

Both have one loss, yet on-field decisions mean nothing in the world of college football apparently. The voters and computers seem to have the same eyesight when it comes to watching the games.

They also appear to favor the SEC, which is still looking for any of its teams to come up with a big win out of its league this year.

To say the system is flawed is an understatement.

Yet help might be on the way, and the Tigers might just be the ones to provide it, even if they don’t know it.

A lot can happen over the final few weeks of the season, but it’s always fun to speculate. I also root for chaos.

Notre Dame, Kansas State and Oregon are ranked just above LSU and just below Alabama. That seems fair, sort of.

However, the fun part starts if LSU actually finds a way to reach the end zone and pulls off the upset. Then pure chaos will ensue.

Imagine this, and if the numbers are right it could easily happen, LSU beats Alabama and goes on to win the SEC. Meanwhile, ND, K-State and the Ducks all finish undefeated.

Are you ready now for some fun?

The one-loss SEC champ might not get into the national title game, this despite the conference fans believing it is their football given right. Worse yet, an undefeated Notre Dame could also be left out in the cold. Double whammy.

Instead, the title game, if the numbers finish right, would likely give us a BCS championship tilt of Kansas State vs. Oregon.

Biggest winner then: the Sugar Bowl, which could land LSU and the Irish.

I can hear the television sets in the South and Irish nation clicking off already when it comes to the “big game”. And the screams from those fan bases, thunderous.

All this and we haven’t even mentioned how Ohio State could also end undefeated but for some reason decide to go on probation this year and miss the bowl games.

That’s why it is up to LSU. If the Tigers lose, then Alabama has a clear path to the SEC championship game and a likely spot in the BCS one as well.

That would help keep the SEC’s run toward a seventh straight national championship on the tracks. But a Tiger win and all bets are off.

Although, four undefeated teams left standing would be cause for another series of arguments.

Anybody for a playoff?

Either way, college football armageddon is approaching, it just has to run through Baton Rouge one way or the other.

What role LSU plays in it depends on how the Tigers themselves play.

Either way, when it comes to the BCS, storm clouds are gathering.

One can only hope it wipes out the old system and we have to rebuild a new one.


Jim Gazzolo is managing sports editor. Email him at

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