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Josh Gray

Josh Gray

Crime Roundup: Former Washington-Marion player Josh Gray arrested in Sulphur

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Josh Gray and three other former Washington-Marion basketball players were recently arrested in Sulphur, authorities said.

Gray, 19, was charged with shoplifting and released on a citation, said Sulphur Police Department spokesman Mel Estess.

Gray played last season at Texas Tech, averaging 9.6 points per game. He started in all of the Red Raiders’ 30 games and led the team with 98 assists and 59 steals. He announced last month that he will be transferring to Odessa Junior College.

Gray played for the Charging Indians during the 2009-10 season as a sophomore, leading Washington-Marion to the Class 4A semifinals. He played for Humble (Texas) Christian in 2010-11 and Houston Wheatley High School in 2011-12.

He was a three-star recruit by, and and was rated as of the top 110 players in the country by Rivals.

According to the Texas Tech website, he was also recruited by Alabama, UConn, LSU, Memphis, Texas, Georgetown, Kansas State, Mississippi State, Houston, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Seton Hall, Oregon and UCLA.

The other former Washington-Marion players charged with shoplifting were: 20-year-old Javandon Deaontai Staves, 20-year-old Dominique Deon Citizen and 20-year-old Harold Wayne Clark.

Staves was named the most valuable player on the American Press All-Southwest Louisiana Big Schools team for the 2011-12 season. He averaged 17.2 ppg as a senior.

Citizen averaged 10.3 ppg for the Indians as a senior in the 2010-11 season while Clark averaged 9.8 ppg for the Indians as a senior in the 2011-12 season.

Tuesday's Arrests

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests:

• Donald Ray Harmon, 38, 6671 Corbina Road — drug possession with intent to distribute, speeding, non-moving violation. Bond: $5,200.

David Lee Landry, 41, 3029 General Twining St. — domestic abuse battery. Bond: $3,000.

Tylor Still, 17, 909 N. Meadow Drive, No. 86 — two counts of drug possession. Bond: $2,000.

Cherish Noel Moore, 29, 3200 Brenda Lane, Sulphur — monetary instrument abuse, theft under $300. Bond: $1,100.

Dawn Cheri Still, 34, 909 N. Meadow Drive, No. 86 — drug possession. Bond: $1,000.

Trevionne Jadon Wright, 19, 1905 7th St. — drug possession with intent to distribute, resisting an officer.

Brandon Michael Johnson, 19, 1759 Marlin Road — simple burglary, simple criminal damage to property $500 to $50,000, possession of a stolen firearm, direct contempt of court.

Norman Gray, 37, 1601 3rd St. — drug possession, first-offense marijuana possession.

Monday's Arrests

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests:

Tyler Jude Leger, 22, 2326 Roberts Cove Road, Crowley — computer-aided solicitation of a minor.

Dexter Nash, 27, 2122 Eighth St. — two counts of drug possession with intent to distribute. Bond: $75,000.

Dexter Jameone Allen, 26, 2528 Third St. — six counts of drug possession with intent to distribute, drug possession, two counts of drug paraphernalia. Bond: $20,000.

Christopher J. Miche, 49, 210 Landry St., Sulphur — domestic abuse battery, aggravated assault. Bond: $10,000.

Donald Greg McCoy, 49, 215 Soileau Lane — third-offense DWI. Bond: $10,000.

Mark Moore, 54, 1225 Green Moore Road, Starks — aggravated battery, two counts of domestic abuse battery with child endangerment. Bond: $4,000.

Wanda Flack Borel, 44, 2211 Patton St., Sulphur — two counts of drug possession, drug paraphernalia, criminal trespass. Bond: $2,600.

Nicholas Eric Brown, 31, 6650 Foreman Road, Iowa — drug possession, drug paraphernalia, suspended license. Bond: $2,500.

Jacob Derrell Goings, 19, 2216 Pitre St., Westlake — possession of stolen things $500-$1,500. Bond: $2,500.

Alvin Anthony Vital, 30, 508 S. Kinney St., Iowa — domestic abuse battery with child endangerment. Bond: $2,000.

Luke Daigle, 47, 1160 Franklin St., Sulphur — simple burglary, theft under $500, possession of stolen things under $500. Bond: $2,000.

Robert David Boursaw, 22, 1207 Ravia Road, No. 35, Sulphur — second-offense marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia, failure to signal. Bond: $1,750.

Matthew Lee Marsh, 19, 1505 Holbrook Park Road, DeQuincy — running a clandestine lab, theft under $500.

Curtis Ray Lyons, 57, 916 1/2 N. Blake St. — domestic abuse aggravated assault, resisting an officer, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Wendy Marie Lawrence, 46, 1441 Van Meter Road, Starks — two counts of aggravated battery, domestic abuse battery.

Michael Dean Mullens, 19, 4111 Bayou Road — domestic abuse battery with child endangerment.

Stuart Anthony Leblanc, 42, 2704 Abel Circle — domestic abuse battery.

Keith Wayne Williams, 50, 1730 N. Simmons St. — drug possession, first-offense marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia, motorcycle violation.

Chrewshad Delvon Thomas, 23, 624 Eighth St. — drug possession, possession of stolen things.

Sulphur police reported the following arrest:

Hayden Asher Lane, 24, East Moss Lane, Sulphur — switched plates, no insurance, suspended license.

Weekend Arrests

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests:

Graytron Imour Bureau, 17, 1823 Ruley St. — material witness. Bond: $1,000,000.

Louis Edward Harmon, 50, 1712 Bryant Court — aggravated second-degree battery. Bond: $50,000.

Mahogany Maxwell, 26, 2075 Gieffers St. — four counts of drug possession, two counts of first-offense marijuana possession, disturbing the peace. Bond: $18,500.

Christopher Anthony Syas, 24, 4401 Canal St. — drug possession with intent to distribute, criminal trespass, resisting an officer by flight, drug possession. Bond: $17,000.

Colby Alton McDaniel, 22, 1076 Jon Road — drug possession with intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia, moving violation. Bond: $11,500.

Jennifer Gaudin Shanahan, 34, 401 E. Broadway, Erath — resisting an officer with force or violence, public intimidation and retaliation, hit and run driving, reckless operation. Bond: $10,000.

Tisha B. Giminick, 41, 6615 McCown Road, Iowa — first-offense marijuana possession, drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond: $7,000.

Burton E. Fisch, 59, 1010 Gambrell Road, Starks — two counts of aggravated battery. Bond: $7,000.

Albert Tyrone Bradley, 45 — drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, no seat belt. Bond: $6,250.

Marcy Elizabeth Bradford, 23, 1106 Lori Lane, Sulphur — drug possession with intent to distribute, first-offense marijuana possession. Bond: $6,000.

Eulice Duhon, 69, 2103 Katherine St. — domestic abuse battery. Bond: $5,000.

Jason Molina, 30, 1031 14th St. — second-offense marijuana possession. Bond: $5,000.

Brian Joseph Newman, 28, 1392 Whisperwind Drive — obstruction of justice, flight from an officer, moving violation, possession of an alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle. Bond: $3,750.

Lloyd Butler Jr., 44, 2510 Mary St. — domestic abuse battery. Bond: $2,500.

Kenneth Shane Vanicor, 44, 9349 Robinson Road, Bell City — simple assault. Bond: $2,500.

Bennie Jerarld Bolton, 70, 2309 Green Briar St. — failure to return or surrender a leased moveable. Bond: $2,500.

Jesse B. Vidrine, 27, 4404 Canal St., Apt. 233B — second-offense DWI, driving with a suspended license, two non-moving violations. Bond: $2,200.

Hendrick Thomas, 24, 2511 Woodard St. — drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, filling or maintaining false public records. Bond: $2,000.

Patrick Trampas Hopper, 35, 6080 Patrick Lane, Vinton — simple criminal damage to property less than $500. Bond: $1,500.

Anthony Neil Minor, 54, 7667 Clara Drive — drug possession, domestic abuse battery.

Firdous Jamal Abbasi, 28, 7180 Lapin Lane, Iowa — aggravated battery, domestic abuse batter.

Jeffery Joseph Rascher, 51, 4425 Brown St., Apt. 3A — domestic abuse battery.

Shelby Elizabeth Savant, 38, 7163 Olsen Road, Sulphur — two counts of drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Posted By: Beverly Hill On: 5/24/2013

Title: Washington Marion is Mentioned because.....

The school is mentioned because all of the boys were connected through that school. They all went to school together and all got arrested together. That is why it is relevant. They needed something to tie them together. Makes sense to is what it is.

Posted By: Ann White On: 5/23/2013

Title: Really

Definition of Character

Posted By: Dr. Marcus Jackson Principal, Author, Motivational Speaker On: 5/23/2013


I'm a proud graduate of Washington Marion and I'm perplexed as to why Washington Marion name has to be mentioned in this article. Why was that even relevant? Their high school would not have been printed if they went to Barbe.

Posted By: P. Williams On: 5/23/2013

Title: Waiting

Well, what say you "American" Press?

Posted By: Shawn Papillion On: 5/23/2013


It is really disheartening to see so much negative press in relation to Washington Marion Magnet High School in your newspaper. This arrest has no direct relation to the school. I am a successful alum of the school with a son in attendance now. I have been actively involved with my child and the school over the past year and I participated in many positive actives associated with Washington Marion that was never reported. For example; in the last presidential race WM worked with several civic organizations including the Prince Hall Masons in Lake Charles to successfully put on a voter registration drive at their home football games that concluded on what was called Fraterinal night. On that night the student body,staff,fans,band,football players,and coaches wore pink for cancer awareness. All Fraterinal orgizarions were invited to participate. Pink ribbons and pink lines were painted on the field and the players jerseies were pink and green in a soilitude unification of a sea of pink through out the stadium for the support of a noble cause. If you are still wondering about the voter drive we signed up a total of 556 people. In my capacity of my everyday employment duties I am certain that former students of other schools in this parish are often arrested but that arrest is not reported in such a manner as to directly shed a microscopic eye of negativity to their former school. Washington Marion has a host of productive alum across this city,country,and world all while your manner of reporting in my opinion shamefully streaches to develope and create a faul reflection of portrayal in relation to my beloved school. Feel free to print this in its entirety. Respectfully Shawn Papillion.

Posted By: D Roy On: 5/22/2013

Title: WM was mentioned just like Barbe was a year or so ago, put the card down

If they were caught at walmart (I use to work there) I can assure you 100% they were caught on camera committing the act. So the reality is they're guilty. Also WM was mentioned because they were standouts there. Just like when those boys from Barbe was caught with steroids. Barbe was mentioned because they were from the football team.

Posted By: Mr. Brown On: 5/22/2013

Title: Proud Graduate of Washington - Marion

Thanks alot Lake Charles Americian Press ! After all these years , I see nothing has changed about the way you all view the Chargin Indians ! " Negatively " It's not our fault your dear Lake Charles High School is a thing of the past !!

Posted By: Adron Washington On: 5/22/2013

Title: Shoddy Journalism

What was the purpose of mentioning Washington Marion? I don't recall what high school an arrestee attended EVER being a part of an article. If I'm mistaken, please correct me. This article seems to really intend to paint Washington-Marion with this man's alleged(because he hasn't yet been convicted) criminal behavior. If the American Press is the honorable publication I hope it strives to be, I'd expect them to print an apology to the Washington-Marion students, parents, and faculty. If not, their motivation is apparent.

Posted By: Julie Broussard On: 5/22/2013

Title: Former WM players

What relevance is the mentioning of the high school they attended? Other people are arrested for shoplifting, but I have never seen an article as such. Is it standard protocol to mention the schools people attend/attended in the arrest records? I just read the arrest reports in today's American Press on page A8. Not one mention of school attended or extracurricular activities. I did read about domestic battery, DWI, running a clandestine lab, drug possession, child endangerment, and stalking. Does a shoplifting charge necessitate extra details in an article? For once, why doesn't someone take the time to print something positive about Washington-Marion?

Posted By: Clarence Ceasar- Washington Marion Basketball Coach On: 5/22/2013

Title: Why is Washington Marion Mentioned???

Washington Marion has absolutely nothing to do with the situation this article is about. Josh Gray did not graduate from Washington Marion and I don't see how basketball stats and where these young men went to school has anything to do with their arrests or actions out in the public. People get arrested everyday in Lake Charles and never have I seen what high school they went to. It is a sad day today because north Lake Charles and Washington Marion continues to be blamed or named for actions of former students. Washington Marion is a great school with an outstanding basketball program. I am quite sure that there are young men that are incarcerated or have been arrested that played basketball for Barbe, Sam Houston, Sulphur, & St. Louis however I have never heard or read about these schools in the paper in connection with a crime that a former athlete may have committed.

Posted By: D Faye On: 5/22/2013

Title: Really!

People get arrested everyday and the high school they attended is NEVER mentioned unless they attended Washington Marion. I can not understand how in this day and time y'all still continue to do this kind of stuff. Please make me understand what the school they attended or their basketball stats have to do with the crime that was committed?

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