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Ex-deputy may face criminal charges

Last Modified: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 9:48 PM

By Johnathan Manning / American Press

A former Calcasieu Parish sheriff’s deputy is under investigation for “possible criminal actions,” authorities said.

Sheriff Tony Mancuso said the deputy, who has been fired, is the subject of a Lake Charles police criminal investigation. He said police received a complaint from a person who claimed the officer “committed a criminal act against her.”

Lake Charles Deputy Chief Mark Kraus declined to comment, saying the department has a “long-standing policy” that it does not comment on sex crimes.

Mancuso said that after Lake Charles police told him about the complaint, the Sheriff’s Office launched an internal investigation.

He said the deputy was fired for “several internal policy violations.” He said none of the actions alone would have led to termination, but that added up they did. Citing Sheriff’s Office personnel policies, Mancuso would not release the officer’s name nor go into specifics of the investigation.

Posted By: P.Q. On: 10/1/2012

Title: I tell you what Mr. Hicks....

why don't you go get pulled over for a burnt out licenses plate bulb and come back and tell us about the people you are praising now.I promise you that praise will disappear.The sheriffs department is making a bed that one day they will have to lay in.

Posted By: Calcasieu Parish Mike On: 9/30/2012

Title: Parish citizen Mike

It seems many citizen's are tuned into to what is really happening in this Sheriff's administration. It is true that Sheriff has some run away least experienced deputies that are his "chosen" and "hands off" by any citizen who questions their authority even though a handful should be FIRED for their wreckless abuse of credentials. When is Sheriff going to scrutinize those "loose cannons" who use their position to walk all over and harm innocent citizens while the criminals run "free"? Trusting employees by Sheriff is one thing, but believeing EVERYTHING a deputy says, especially "his pets", is another matter. And what about the newer areas of the parsh that are being populated? When is the last time you saw a patrol car in your neighborhood? It may be time for a change in administration if these problems are not sorted out !

Posted By: Douglas Hicks On: 9/28/2012

Title: Guilty or Not Guilty

We have had 4 sheriffs. Most people have no idea how much laundry has been washed since Mr. Mancuso took office. We are very quick to judge not only the deputy but Mr. Mancuso as well. We would do well to remember that we are still innocent until proven guilty here in the USA. Mr. Mancuso has continued to narrow the road regarding the very topics we face, not just locally, but as a nation. People watch to much television instead of being involved in their community. Go ride with these patrol deputies and get a glimpse of what is known as the "Thin Blue Line"

Posted By: Jen Lawton On: 9/26/2012

Title: Why isn't his name being released?

At the above comment in reference to a regular citizens name being released, you are absolutely correct. I find this troublesome that the media will not print the name. If this was a regular citizen they would have already been booked, charged and a bond would have been set. In addition to this the public would have already convicted this person based on a mugshot.

Posted By: Beth On: 9/26/2012

Title: hmm, CPSO is great

Well, I can see not releasing the name because its obviously still being investigated so, this would be the safe way to handle it since the man wasnt fired for sexual harassment. He was in fact accused, but only time will tell right? CPSO is a great department. Dont make assumptions:)

Posted By: Sean On: 9/26/2012

Title: Don't be surprised

People the calcasieu parish sheriffs office is fostering an environment where certain deputies are treated like gold and can do anything they want. These deputies start to believe they can do anything. The SO is running off or getting rid of a lot of older and more experienced officers in lieu of younger less mature deputies that fit into the certain imagine they want. On the other hand there are a lot of good officers there that do the best job they can everyday. And most often those officers are treated like crap. I believe sheriff Mancuso is a great man and done great things for this parish. However I believe he really needs to get more involved in the day to day operations of the department, his chosen leaders are failing him horribly and if he plans to run again he may not win so easily this next time. Sheriff take your department is screaming for your attention and for you fix the culture that has developed over the past two years..

Posted By: Pam Daigle On: 9/26/2012

Title: American Press is in on it too

Ditto Michael!!!!!!
I have made some comments here before and when they criticize the local good 'ol boy system, they will not publish my comments. This sort of thing continues in Calcasieu Parish because we do not have an action committee that monitors the behaviors of our police departments.

Posted By: Marcellete Tweed On: 9/26/2012

Title: I so agree with the person above..

I have to agree with the person above. I mean really, if is good for the gander, then it's good for the goose, no matter what or who it is..

Posted By: Michael On: 9/26/2012

Title: Double Standard

Not only would a citizen's name be released but a mug shot would appear in every publication in Calcasieu parish.
I'm surprised the newspaper is acting as a press release service for the sheriff's office.
Double shame

Posted By: Hailee On: 9/26/2012

Title: Shame on you

If this would have just been a citizen of Cal parish ,the sheriff dept would not have had a issue putting our names out there,but since it was one of his the name will not be released shame on all of you.This is wrong and this goes to show everyone that it matters not what you do but who you are or who you work for..Shame shame on the cal parish sheriff .

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