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Dubois: Oregon Ducks: All about the color coordination

Last Modified: Monday, July 29, 2013 10:37 AM

By Carl Dubois / Special to the American Press

So, the University of Oregon released its chart listing the dominant color it wants U of O fans to wear at each football game this season.

See it here.

One thing that jumps out at me is fans from Nicholls State, which opens the season Aug. 31 in Eugene, know well in advance not to wear white to the game. If they do, they'll be mistaken for fans of the Ducks.

(Side note: How many Cajuns from Harvard on the Bayou do you suppose will show up with duck calls around their necks? And is the gang from "Duck Dynasty" going to the game? One wonders.)

Then there's the realization that Oregon has four different dominant colors scheduled this season: white, green, yellow and black. What, carbon didn't make the cut? And what about those reflective metallic helmets that looked almost like mirrors -- called Liquid Metal, if memory serves -- from the 2012 Rose Bowl?

There is also a flag outside Autzen Stadium that displays the color of the week, in case passersby need a reminder.

In a related development, here is the color schedule for the University of Alabama this season: crimson, crimson, crimson, crimson, crimson, crimson, crimson, crimson, crimson, crimson, crimson and crimson.

(Actually, there's probably a white-out game in there somewhere.)

Schools with one primary color as constant as the northern star are becoming less the norm, as everyone is catering to the fashion whims of the players (it's a big recruiting weapon now). Ah, the simpler times when people knew what color to wear to the games, because that's the only color they had in their closets during the fall.

This reminds me of my days covering LSU, when Tiger Stadium was a mix of purple, white and gold (or what passes for gold at LSU, which is really a canary yellow or a sunflower gold). If you throw old gold into the mix, then it can be hard to get the crowd to look like one big sea of ... well, a single color. LSU, like other schools, has made more of a concerted effort in recent years to designate a specific game as a white-out game or put the focus on another color. But schools like Alabama -- or Oklahoma or Nebraska -- have an easier time making the stadium look saturated with one primary color because white is the secondary color, behind crimson or scarlet. Therefore, crimson or scarlet dominate.

So there you have it. Oregon has released its color chart for the 2013 season. Rest easy. The season can begin now.

Oh, and just for grins and giggles ...

Note the comment below the video:

Oregon: 130 uniforms, 0 national titles. Alabama: 2 uniforms, 15 national titles

Posted By: Carl Dubois On: 7/31/2013

Title: I had an Uncle Eugene

That has to count for something!

Posted By: Sidekick On: 7/31/2013


You should be so lucky to have Uncle Phil

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