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Dickerson's second-degree murder trial begins

Last Modified: Thursday, June 20, 2013 10:14 AM

By Johnathan Manning / American Press

Opening statements began Thursday morning in DeQuincy man Jon Talbert Dickerson’s second-degree murder trial.

Prosecutors and defense lawyers finished picking the 12-person jury and two alternates Wednesday evening.

In picking the jury, defense attorney King Alexander said the trial could last until early next week.

Dickerson, 31, 617 Oak St., is on trial for the March 2009 slaying of 51-year-old Darrell Schaub.

Schaub was found dead behind a DeQuincy motel, his body covered by a mattress. He had reportedly been dead for a few days when he was found.

Sheriff Tony Mancuso said DNA found on Schaub’s clothes and in his truck linked Dickerson to the crime.

Dickerson is being held in the Calcasieu Correctional Center on $500,000 bond.

Posted By: BB On: 7/12/2013


This is very sad for heart aches for Mr.Schaub family I myself have no clue what truely happened ..I grow up with Jon we called him Boo he is my little brother that has made a few bad choices in his life..I dont ever recall him hurting anyone he didnt judge a soul he tried finding good in everyone and would help you out in anyway possible. .Boo at times was a follower instead of a leader our Moma stayed on him about that and making the right choices in life.We had a good up bringing lots of love,laughter and Respect in our home.Boo we miss you so much and it does hurt.. so there you go sir you want us to hurt well we do! I wish pain upon No One in the world! They have made you out to be a monster ..and we know that you are not. Boo has the biggest heart out of us 6 kids he seen good in everyone which I couldn't at times. He is the most lovely person I know he had to hug you when he seen you,especially our parents he loved his moma so much and is daddy also our dad wasnt a touchy man but Boo would still grab ahold of him anyways and hug him. I sure could use one of your hugs right now Boo.We love you Boo..and thank you Lacy

Posted By: Lacy On: 6/22/2013


I think your are a disgusting miserable person to wish something on someone's mother. FYI his mother has passed away. He did have a child who also passed away. Judge ye not less you be judged. I grew up with Jon. He was all things you described mr. Schaub to be. Unless you were physically there you have no idea what happened that horrible day. I do feel for the victims family, but how can you be so heartless about another human soul.

Posted By: SETNG On: 6/20/2013

Title: DeQuincy Trail

I hope and pray that justice is served in this case. I knew Mr. Schaub, and his family. He was a kind and giving man, who would do anything for anyone. If you needed anything all you had to do was ask and Darrerll would give it to you. He loved his children more than anything on this earth. I have known his three children all their lives. Mr Dickerson robbed him of being able to walk his "baby girl" as Darrell called her, down the isle. He did not get to see the first of his children graduate from college. He did not get to attend his mothers funeral. She mourned him until the day she died. All of Darell's family and friends have mourned him since this senseless act was committed. I hope Dickerson spends the rest of his miserable life in prison and that his family suffers like Darrell's. I hope his mother mourns her son every day the way Darrell's did. If he has children, I hope they can overcome what their father has done and move away from the life he has cast on them, everyone in your town knowing that your father killed an innocent man, for what, FOR NOTHING!

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