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Counting Crows will perform their first Lake Charles concert Thursday at L'Auberge Casino Resort's Liquid Society. (Special to the American Press)

Counting Crows will perform their first Lake Charles concert Thursday at L'Auberge Casino Resort's Liquid Society. (Special to the American Press)

Counting Crows to perform one-of-a-kind concert Thursday

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By Alex Onken / American Press

Adam Duritz likes crawfish.

“It was my favorite food growing up,” Duritz said. “It’s hard to get it here. I use to spend all my off time in New Orleans. I had a whole house full of people in L.A. from New Orleans. We use to have crawfish shipped out from vendors on Magazine Street.”

On June 19 Duritz and his band will make their first visit to Lake Charles, where they will play at L’Auburge’s Liquid Society concert series with Toad the Wet Sprocket as their opening band. Some of their most popular songs include “Mr. Jones,” “Hanginaround,” a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” and the crowd favorite “Colorblind.”

Their American summer 2014 tour started on June 11 and will last until late August. Then the band will travel to Europe to tour through November.

Duritz has no favorite places to visit in particular, just as long as he has someone he knows in that city.

“It’s always good to stop off where you have good friends, or places you’ve never been before. It’s not so much about the places, it’s about being on stage with your band every night with some music.”

Since the band’s inception, being on the road has started to become the norm for Duritz.

“I use to have a hard time being on tour, but in the last couple of years, I have a harder time being at home. I don’t know what to do all day. With a tour it’s all schedule. I know where I should be.”

Unlike other bands, the Counting Crows do not have a set list of songs to be played during their tour, giving a one-of-a-kind experience for every audience.

“It changes every night,” Duritz said. “We usually make it up around dinner every night. So it’s just like anything anyone wants to play. We’ve got so many songs, so really that’s the best way to do it.”

“Songs like ‘‘Round Here’ get changed so drastically during every night that they don’t seem like old songs to me. By not playing the same song every night, we don’t get tired of them, they stay fresh. If I don’t want to play ‘Mr. Jones’ on a given night, I don’t. That’s how they stay fresh to me.”

Duritz himself has a tendency to switch songs mid-performance.

“It happens a lot on the spot; but then, you know, I might do something one night and the next night, we get to one place in a song, and I extrapolate from that. It’ll be different, but it’ll have some familiarity from where you start off again. Songs are different everyday.”

Their performance style has always been a part of their shows, according to Duritz. During one of their first tours in Canada, the group came up with their first improvisations.

“We were sitting on the banks of Lake Victoria, and I looked over and said to someone ‘Look, tonight after “Rain King,” after the solo, I’m going to give you a single, to cut everything out, to drop the whole band right down there.’ Then he asked me why, and I told him, ‘I don’t know, I think I’m going to do something, and I want us to be the kind of band that can do something like this.”

Duritz said the band has just finished a new album.

“It’s different from what we’ve done before and people are freaking out over it. We’re talking to record companies since we’ve been independent for a few years, and it’s really nice.”

According to a Facebook post on May 18, the album titled “Somewhere Under Wonderland” will be released by Capitol Records this fall.


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