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(Special to the American Press)

(Special to the American Press)

Notebook: Cast, crew of ‘Seussical Jr.’ did Lake Area proud

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By Michael Cooper / American Press

I have a secret that I’ve kept from even my closest friends.

I am, and always will be, a fan of the theater and musicals.

I truly regret never trying out for a school play, never joining the drama club.

My love affair with musicals started at a young age with “Grease.”

My mom said that she would have done anything if my VHS copy would have fallen apart. She said I watched it over and over again, for years.

As I got older, my interest grew to “Singin’ in the Rain,” “West Side Story” and “The Court Jester.”

Thanks to some great teachers at Sulphur High School, I had the chance to see top-tier productions of “Les Miserables” in New Orleans and “Oliver” in Houston.

I was elated when both of my young children showed a love for musicals, even if it meant years of watching Disney shows.

I just hope that they can avoid my mistakes and give live theater a try. I want them to understand how amazing it can be.

To that end, we went to LaGrange’s production of “Seussical Jr.” It was their initiation to a live show, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Everyone involved in the performance — the teachers, instructors, parents, volunteers and especially the students themselves, deserve a huge round of applause.

In an interview with the American Press, director Shelly Buller promised that “the LaGrange auditorium (would) look like a Broadway theater.”

It wasn’t just the set that reminded everyone of Broadway.

Though Southwest Louisiana has a history of producing great singers, dancers and actors, I was shocked at the amount of talent that LaGrange has walking its halls.

I have seen my fair share of high school productions, but the show put on Saturday, March 2, was by far the best.

Both of my kids were hooked the second the show started and neither moved from their seat.

The same could be said for the audience.

I have never been to a show, at any level, where you saw total commitment from every single actor. Not once did we see a half-hearted performance.

Every person involved with this show should be proud. They did the school, and the Lake Area, proud.

I would feel wrong without mentioning a few of the most outstanding parts of the performance.

Some of the highlights included:

Junior Lydia Doucet as the Sour Kangaroo. Her voice caught everyone’s attention immediately. The vocal range and smoothness she displayed was amazing, as was her ability to project it to every corner of the auditorium.

Junior George Burdette-Turner as Horton The Elephant. As one of the major characters he had to carry a lot of the extended scenes, many times without any dialogue. Burdette-Turner was the strongest actor in the show.

Sophomore Malik Bellow as Jojo. Playing a sugary-sweet character can be difficult. But Bellow pulled it off and really captured the wonderment of a child living in a Dr. Seuss world.

Senior Donovan Comeaux as one of the Wickersham Brothers. Comeaux was the most well-rounded performer of the show. His voice, acting and dancing stood out even among this talented group.

I hope LaGrange gets another chance to do a major musical. An extended run for “Seussical Jr.” would be great, but I would love to see what else these extremely talented kids can do.

I plan to keep taking my kids back to the theatre, at least until it is their turn to be up on the stage.

When that time comes, I’m taking everyone I know.

Posted By: Satisfied fan. On: 7/27/2013

Title: Fan of Suessical the Musical

You're right. George Burdette-Turner was amazing. His voice is fantastic, he is sexy, and his acting stands out above everyone else's performance. I appreciated his enthusiastic expressions and his beautifully toned vocals.

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