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City Councilman continues fight for property standards

Last Modified: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 6:53 PM

By Eric Cormier / American Press

If City Councilman Rodney Geyen gets his way, municipal inspectors will be able to cross property lines in order to determine if residents’ yards should be considered nuisances.

Geyen is sponsoring a new law after complaints from citizens who have had to kill rodents and snakes that crept into their yards.

“That’s because of old cars and rubbish in some people’s yards,” Geyen explained during the City Council’s agenda meeting Tuesday. “I’d like to give city inspectors the authority to determine if a property is a nuisance to neighbors.”

Property standards issues have been foremost in Geyen’s mind lately. This legislative move follows his statements about abandoned homes that are boarded up for safety reasons but the owners are making no attempts to renovate them.

Being able to more closely inspect abandoned properties would provide city inspectors a chance to beef up their investigations against questionable property owners and possibly lead to the closings of underground businesses, Geyen concluded.

“There are mechanic businesses that are hidden. That’s illegal,” he said.

If Geyen’s measure is approved by the City Council, suspect property owners will not help themselves by denying inspectors access to their property.

City attorney Billy Loftin told the City Council that enforcement of a new law would be bolstered.

“If they (property owners) don’t allow inspection, then it should be determined they are in violation of city code,” they said.

Geyen is intent on getting property standards enforcement enhanced.

“I’ve gotten complaints of residents killing snakes that came from their neighbors’ yards,” he said.

The item may be voted on in February by the City Council.

Posted By: Ken On: 1/31/2013

Title: Unconsitutional

I dont know about any of you, but this is unlawful and unconstitutional, if anyone has reason to search a property, a warrant MUST be issued first, the property owner then must be served said warrant and be present during the search. Refusal of a warrant-less search is not grounds for a warrant , it is exercising your natural rights to not be searched without a warrant. If any of you agree with this, please write / email your rep , or just email them anyway and let them know there is a law in place already concerning ANY searches by ANYONE and that it requires a warrant, the serving of that warrant, and the presence of the property owner. Do not allow them to pass a law that attempts nullify our rights.. or next they could try to do the same with other searches and any city worker or public official can just willy-nilly enter your property just because (insert excuse) whenever they want.

Posted By: Bill Spoon On: 1/31/2013

Title: Get a warrent

Rodney Geyen and Billy Lofton should follow the rule of law and get a warrant issues by the court that has jurisdiction. There is no life threatening imminent danger that requires a act of violent intervention onto someones personal property. This is just another government power grab and attempt to give more power to unelected bureaucrats like city inspectors. Just another reason why I am glad I don't live in the Randy Roach Hotel and Trailer Park. I mean, whats next? Pulling out the rulers to measure the height of grass blades....oh, wait, they already do that.

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