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Cancun serves up authentic mexican this north of the border

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By Alex Onken / American Press

The “freshman 15” is a term used to describe a small weight gain during the first year of college. I knew a few people around me who did grow a bit rounder, as did I. But I expected it all along.

All I was eating was Mexican food.

If it wasn’t wrapped in a tortilla, served with a side of chips, or smothered in cheese, I wouldn’t get near it. I’m a big fan of Taco Bell, and I’ve never been shy about my feelings toward the bell (even though that’s not really considered Mexican food by some; being from Welsh, it’s Mexican enough to me).

Cancun on Ryan Street, next to Ryan’s Steakhouse, has been around for as long as I can remember — though when I was growing up, my family and I were devoted patrons of Casa Mañana. For the longest time, Cancun offered a white queso dip, in contrast to the yellow cheese dip that Casa Mañana offered.

The last time I had actually eaten at Cancun I was there with my best friend and his family, and afterward we were going to watch the movie “Bruce Almighty” in theaters.

Truth be told, it hasn’t changed much since 2003.

The interior of Cancun has an authentic feel. I felt like I had gone through a time warp. The vintage electronic games by the door add a nice touch. I was seated and waited on in a timely manner.

Cancun serves its own salsa and chips. The chips were freshly fried and still warm when I got them. I ended up adding a pinch of salt to the chips to give them just a bit more flavor.

The salsa didn’t have the bite I expected, but it had a nice texture, and would definitely be for someone who has a delicate stomach.

I decided to order the white queso dip, also. It came out at a good temperature that wasn’t too hot. Now, the dip wasn’t as thick as I would have liked it, but it did have a good flavor.

Not too much longer, I got my Nachos Cancun. I ordered these 10 years ago, and the order was just as big as I remembered.

The dish comes with both beef and chicken, covered in the white queso dip, topped with guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, refried beans and jalapeños.

The meats were flavorful, and the cheese was rich. The tortilla chips were crisp and held the massive amount of toppings well. The lettuce was fresh, as well as the guacamole, which had a bit of a tangy flavor to it.

The only problem I had with the meal was the fact that the meats and toppings weren’t distributed well across the dish. I had to take a fork and maneuver a few things around.

As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t bring myself to eat another bite. I was so stuffed it was hard to breathe. I really wanted to try one of the dessert items.

I think next time I go, I’ll just split the nachos with someone else. The Nachos Cancun is definitely made for two people.

The meal came to a total of $18.

Even though, I haven’t actually seen “Bruce Almighty” since it came out in theaters, or dealt with my “freshman 15,”

I plan to give Cancun another visit sooner than another 10 years in the future.

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