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(Donna Price / American Press)

Student admits to writing Barbe High ‘hit list’

Last Modified: Friday, March 22, 2013 11:39 PM

By Nichole Osinski / American Press

A Barbe High School student was arrested Friday after he admitted writing a “hit list” that was found at the school Thursday afternoon, authorities said.

The list, compiled by student Patrick W. Granger, 18, contained more than 20 names of students and faculty, said Calcasieu Sheriff’s Office Cmdr. James McGee.

“He intentionally left it out to be found, which caused alarm and disruption,” McGee said. “That is a clear violation of the law of terrorizing.”

He said that Granger told detectives the list, found by another student, was intended to be a prank.

McGee said “hit list” occurrences are rare. No one at Barbe was in immediate danger, he said, and the school was never placed on lockdown.

Superintendent Wayne Savoy said the Calcasieu Parish School Board was part of the investigation and that the Sheriff’s Office will let him know how to proceed next.

“It’s not a common occurrence, but we have procedures in place,” he said. “We handled all of this appropriately, with school-level officials working with the Sheriff’s Department.”

District 6 School Board member Bill Jongbloed said more security was placed at the school Friday. He expects the board to discuss the incident at a future meeting.

“We’re doing all we can as a school board by providing law enforcement at the school,” he said. “If it was a prank, there are consequences for these kinds of things.”

Granger was charged with terrorizing and was booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center on Friday. He was later released on $10,000 bond.

Posted By: Nolan I. Granger On: 2/26/2015

Title: Brother of Patrick.

My name is Nolan, and I am Patrick's younger brother. It has been almost two years since my older brother did this. I was very scared when I heard at lunch that he was the one who wrote that stupid list, thinking I wouldn't see him for a long time and that jail would possibly change him into someone else. Thankfully he was out the same day, but he was different. Since then, he has apologized to everyone that would listen, still being called names and reminded of what would always haunt him. He never forgot what he did and how it changed my family's lives. He is now working and becoming more of an adult than most his age. Patrick is an amazing brother and although he made some mistakes, I love him very much, and I would not be where I am if it weren't for him and and my family. I hope everyone that reads this will forgive him and try to leave this to be forgotten. Thank you.

Posted By: Dinish roadman On: 3/27/2013

Title: Every one who has comented on this

I think with all of the threats you all just made you should all be convicted and spend some jail time yourselves. Oh and the lovely person who had to mention racist remarks, you are the racist for even bringing it up. Not one of you actually know this (kid) who was ((still)) in school and was more likely peered into it by your kid and you are just being ugly to CYA! Its ok though because bullying still happens out of school I see, and you will probably cut me off in traffic pass me a finger and choice words,then arive home to steal a joint from your child drug dealer and blame the rest of the world for your and the worlds problem. Oh and don't forget to bash the bible too, GOD won't help you be a sinner!?

Posted By: Dave T. On: 3/26/2013

Title: Not a Kid

He is not a Kid He is a Adult and should be treated as so.

Posted By: Marion Tubbs On: 3/25/2013

Title: @ Sara S

The "kid" is NOT a kid, he is an adult. And if the Adult wouldn't be terrorizing other people's kids, his grown name adult name won't be in the paper

Posted By: Harriett King On: 3/25/2013


I'm sure it was stressed it was a "prank". If you ask one of the convicted killer of school mascare they too would have said it was a "prank" as well. This is a sick society and racist one as well. Let this would have happened at one of the black schools it would be a terriost attack,,,,this news source would have never mentioned a "prank". I'm like this report the news and stop being so basis.

Posted By: 48HJF On: 3/24/2013

Title: What an IDIOT!

I applaud the media for exposing this idiot. Who does he think he is doing such a thing. He should not be allowed to return to school and should definitely be given jail time. With all that has happened across the nation! This idiot should be taught a lesson. PUT THIS TRASH AWAY! THIS IS VERY SERIOUS!

Posted By: Tony B. On: 3/24/2013

Title: I agree...

Putting anyone's name in the paper for arrest prior to court conviction should be against the law.

Posted By: Sara s. On: 3/23/2013

Title: Shame on you

Putting this kids name in the paper already is despicable. You should be ashamed.

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