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Friday, May 26, 2017
Southwest Louisiana ,
Welsh Alderman-elect Jacob Colby Perry was among volunteers at Abraham's Tent on Thanksgiving Day. (Special to the American Press)

Welsh Alderman-elect Jacob Colby Perry was among volunteers at Abraham's Tent on Thanksgiving Day. (Special to the American Press)

Recall petition started against Welsh alderman

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By Doris Maricle / American Press

WELSH — A group of Welsh citizens has started a recall petition in hopes of removing Alderman Jacob Colby Perry for negatively affecting local government by disrupting town business, making unjustified allegations, focusing on meaningless procedural issues and failing to focus on the need of the town.

“It’s not just me, there are a number of us who feel Colby Perry has disrupted city government by making unreasonable demands on city employed,” recall committee chairman Jim Wright said. “He has completely disrupted city government and brought it to a dead halt.”

Perry, who is out of the country on military duty, did not respond to the American Press for a request for comment.

Nine members of the recall committee began circulating a petition Tuesday seeking signatures from registered voters.

Under state law, the group has 180 days from April 12 to collect signatures from at least 33 and one-third, or 695, of the 2,084 registered voters in Welsh to initiate a recall election. Organizers plan to get 700 signatures, Wright said.

In a statement, Wright said the group is seeking to remove Perry from office for failing to live up to his promise to promote cooperation within town government, and instead has been a source of discord, manipulating the media to accuse police and the mayor of wrongdoing, all of it by a product of his imagination.

“He is an obstacle to city government and has not been of any help,” Wright said. “He refuses to accept the word of authorities.”

The committee said Perry should be recalled because:l He has consistently refused to acknowledge that his accusations are unfounded, even when confronted by legal authority.l He has damaged his own reputation, the reputation of the town, its police force, board of aldermen and the town’s administrative employees.l Town employees have been exposed to a barrage of obscene, threatening and accusatory phone calls with a frequency that impairs their ability to manage the affairs of city government.l Groups from outside the community have come here with the intent of disrupting the governmental management and the law enforcement.

He said Perry claims to have sought information from outside legal and accounting sources, but will not name them.

“Jeff Davis Parish has a great opportunity to grow in the next 10 years,” Wright said. “We need good, active government. He is not what we need.”

Persons interested in signing the petitions may contact Wright at 370-1565 and make an appointment to meet or go by his office at 804 East Russell on U.S. 90, or meet with any of the committee members.

A community meeting is being planned to discuss the recall effort.

Posted By: Steve in Seattle On: 4/26/2017

Title: “He refuses to accept the word of authorities.”

Just that line of text right there says it all. - “He refuses to accept the word of authorities." = is step one of the process of exposing the truth. Something in this town government stinks really bad. If it's not the budget and spending problem then it's something else. As soon as an attempted to suppress a citizen's legal right to a public records request (by using police intimidation) than you're have been exposed as criminal. I hope the citizens of this little town get there city government back under control. By the sounds of it, it would be best to do a full house cleaning and replace them all. specifically that crooked police department. It's going to be tough, there appears to be sever local citizens that are also on the take with the city.

Posted By: Welsh Citizen On: 4/25/2017

Title: Mayor is Clueless

Extensive research on the account in question? The Mayor is quote on record saying, "If it is illegal, we will fix it?" C'mon...stop taking up for the incompetence!

Posted By: WELSH IS MY HOME On: 4/25/2017

Title: Corruption in Welsh, LA

Unload the roach spray bomb on the Town of Welsh. Expose the corruption!

Posted By: Angry Citizen of Welsh On: 4/25/2017

Title: Rick Arceneaux?

They set that account up without the Town attorney even knowing about it. They went through the auditors, a CPA firm who had no idea of the Lawrason Act.

Posted By: CitizenX On: 4/25/2017

Title: Rodney Trahan

Why is Rodney Trahan providing the Clerk with gifts? There isn't suppose to be gifts. R.S. 42:1115

Posted By: Kenneth Strong On: 4/23/2017

Title: Anger citizen

Whatever happen to facing your accuser? Did any of these people with petitions sat down and talk to him? I mean listen to him? As far as I concern, for what I heard from him is he is trying to increase revenue in this town by promoting outside businesses to come into this town to invest and build. He also wants the town to allow contractors to come into our town to build newly constructed homes. Lord knows we need it, we are growing. Look at the Town of Iowa, our neighbors, having newly developed homes popping up every month. Why that couldn't be us???? I think the real issue here is this young man exposed an secretive account the town has been withholding for years and this is also potentially exposing those who enjoy those spoils from this account. So, no. He should not be recall, let the truth come out and those responsible need to be held responsible, Period! And one other thing, it is a shame for his accusers to not acknowledge his service in the military, fighting for them, fighting for their freedom. I can't wait for the next town hall meeting......Anger Citizen of Welsh

Posted By: Citizen On: 4/23/2017

Title: Comment

I understand the account in question was opened only after months of lengthy research. Auditor and attorney determined account could be opened to house these funds.

Posted By: Concerned Citizen On: 4/20/2017

Title: Question

If an elected official is whistleblowing on other elected officials is he protected by the Whistleblower Law? I really do not know this answer I'm just curious to see if the town is causing themselves more problems.

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